Plenty done this week!

This week has been insane to say the least!

I’ve started doing several new assignments and it has been a  trial.

However I finished a few other jobs I had on the site that I thought I’d talk about today.

First one is for Digital Burn (an upcoming DJ in Chicago)

It is a simple Goth/Steam punk concept that I thought would portray the owner of this image the best. I threw in a variety of different aspects that can be found in the music of the alternative scene. Goth, punk, synth etc. All is in there. This image was first entirely made in vector. Then I imported it into Photoshop for added effect.

I used a militant font because I think it goes best with this type of style. Esp since the font interacts with boots that are a bit militant in nature.

I gave her Neon green eyes for the radiation of the industry type style. Red lips for the classy style alternative. I didn’t give her a bunch of piercings because I do think it would distract from the clean style of her clothes. I think it is important as well to remember when to stop and not overdo on the details, sometimes the simple things can be just as awesome if not better.


Next image up is a portrait of a little girl that won a contest that a client was having!

This little girl (15 I think) is actually polish which I thought was great. Being a polack myself it is nice to see other polish people interacting with something you are a part of. Considering that I am here in America, I try to surround myself with polish and swedish things, just to make home seem a bit closer then it is.

Anyways, here is the portrait!

I went a bit classic artsy with this one. I didn’t clean up the background, nor did I remove the pencil lines. I think it helped the image to keep its “artistic” charm.


Anyways, this is all I had on my mind for the moment.

Work work and work:)


Till next time!

Snow, slippery and Bill Engvall

I was going to post a review about Assassins Creed: Brotherhood but decided not to. I am thinking, what is more interesting? AC;B or some home videos? One in particular of me slipping.

Today was an exiting day! Me and my husband do not get out much and today we went to see one of my favorite comedians mr Bill Engvall. A few hours before we are ready to go, we notice something. There is a full on snow storm outside! But hay, we payed for those tickets and we are going to go and see him no matter what! It was a slow drive to Green bay but we made it non the less! We checked in our coats, made a tour around the casino (non of us have been inside one before) where my Engvall would be performing. He was very funny! There wasn’t a moment where me and my husband weren’t laughing in tears. Some people would say that toilet humor is not fun. I beg the differ. There is nothing more fun for a wife to dutch oven her husband. What I like most about Mr Engvall is how much his marriage and various relationship scenarios remind me of my husband and I. The debates they’ve had, we had them to. It’s nice to know that there is a couple out there that is just as insane as us. This to me means that I’ve married the right guy. It was my first comedy show ever and it was just so much fun! Thank you mr Engvall! I Pmp 🙂

We got a souvenir T shirt of the event and hit the all you can eat restaurant inside the Casino. We took a tour around the gambling. Many things blinking and ringing and bleeping. We are not gambling people so we finished up our little sightseeing, picked up our coats and started heading home. We passed many many cars who simply had run off the road. Including a person who passed us in a hurry a few miles back ended up in a ditch.

Did I tell you it was snowing like crazy?

Here is my husband Kim trying to orientate himself in a full on snowstorm.

While finding our way to our door, I had to record and document this rigorous now epidemic. I pulled up my phone and started to record (ahh , the blessings and curse of the modern era).

The rest however, is history. The video is pretty self explanatory. No humans or phones were damaged during this recording.

Fruitful day!

The last few nights I’ve been up pretty late.

Basically I’ve been waiting for a few Cels to expire and boy was there a battle royal when the time came to a close. The Cels in question were Sailor Moon cels. I managed to get my hands on 3 for a very low cost and honestly, they are soooo pretty.

I’d say that I am very happy with the buy. They require some TLC but nothing really that I cannot fix. I’ve been reading about the limits and techniques to restore cels that have been neglected by their owners. It is a shame that some people do not take better care of artwork. The hey in restoration is to INK with a brush. Fortunately that is one of the things I am very good at. It was basically all I did when attending Comic book college. Also, being an happy amateur artist, I know what acrylic combination they use if the color has faded. However, I don’t buy cels that have faded in color. To restore that requires more of a professional touch that I can offer. Hopefully those cels land in someones capable hands and get restored properly so the rest of the world can enjoy it for years to come.

Other cels I acquired as of late.

Power Stone 2

Robot Carnival and Gnomes

Saint St. Tail

I cannot wait to get home and get these framed! ❤

The more I learn about the Cel business the more fun it is actually. I’ve also learned how to tell which ones are fake and which ones aren’t. Some do not come with a seal of authenticity, that doesn’t mean however that they are not legit. The former studio was just lazy. The secret is in the peghole (Peg holes are unique to the studio and can be confirmed by their positioning), the movie position of the cel, if there is a sketch included, cel number and so on. There are many ways to authenticate a cel, however as long as it has the peg holes and signature mark on which cel it is, it will pass any authenticity test!

hope you enjoyed looking at these as much as I did 😀