An Olympus E-10

I’ve missed having a system camera! I haven’t been able to take somewhat decent pictures since high school. Recently I’ve gotten some extra money from selling my furniture (Moving abroad, that is why). So I went through some adds and found an Olympus E-10! I has surpassed my¬†expectations¬†and I¬†haven’t¬†been¬†separated¬†from it ever since! The cats are being annoyed with me because of it. They are my main victims of photography, other then my husband.

This camera is going to be a great asset during Wizard Comic Con in Chicago!

Hotel is booked btw! Expect a very in-depth coverage!

Here are some photos that I took with the new camera!

My beautiful husband

Recent wind storms snapped a tree in half

Box kitty

Little big planet inspired doll

I am a big fan of little big planet. It isn’t the design your “own” levels aspect that I enjoy most. What I do enjoy, is the artwork. The use of everyday things to create a game that is simplistic, yet beautiful.

I celebration to that, I’ve created a doll that will reflect some of the little big planet spirit!


It will premier on Cartoon Doll Emporium soon. I think you will enjoy the originality of it. What I did is that I used every day things to create clothing, hair and other items. I’ve been very inspired of doing these type of artwork lately (just look at my profile image)

Mind you that little big planet isn’t for people who are serious gamers. It is what I would consider, a ¬†casual game. A great casual game non the less. When you play 4 friends in hope to finish a level, it gets cluttered and hard to everyone to keep up at times. ¬†With the right group of friends, you’ll be able to at least have a few¬†laughs. There is nothing more fun then smacking a team made of the ledge and into his/hers¬†demise.

As for my life, I am literary living in boxes. My husband and I are preparing to make our epic move back to Europe and restart our lives. The hardest part is to get rid of all your things. I am not really tied to materialistic things but you do get a tear drop when someone comes and takes it away. It took many years of hard work to afford certain things, kinda like a trophy.

My lizard Dr Zoidberg is going to a new home this Thursday and will have a¬†wonderful¬†couple¬†to call mom and dad. I will miss her though, but I am happy that she will be safe and well taken care off! As for the cats, they are getting a microchip here soon and will be shipped along with us. I got this off thought that once the cats are¬†micro-chipped, that they will become Robocop(cats). ¬†It’s been almost a month since Google+ launched as well and I find myself liking it more and more. I’ve met a great deal of people.


Other then that, it is business as usual! On wards to filling up those boxes!