What the heck is a “skylander?”

skylanders_spyro_adventure.jpeg (799×471)

I don’t know if you guys make random visits to Toys r us. I am one of those people who do not have any kids yet, who actually do stop by on occasion to check out the latest awesome toys! For several weeks my husband kim and I have been spotting small tables containing cute little figures! They look like this!

skylander_2.jpg (1000×245)

We decided to pick these guys up, along with the game for PS3 (xbox360, ds and Wii versions are also available)

The game also comes with a platform. There are several characters available for purchase with different abilities. We turned on the game along with the platform, the first thing we did was place a character on the platform. The character then appears in the game itself! My first through was that this would be awesome when playing pokemon!

Anywho, the story is well written and it also has great in game character personalities. The dialog are entertaining and not at all annoying. The villain in this world “skylands” is voiced by non other than Space invader Zim himself! We go by a pool of water that we cannot cross, what we do is that we switch our Dragon creature for the fish one and voilah! We cross water!

We haven’t played much yet, maybe two hours, but we are entirely intrigued!

This game and technology shows much promise! I’ll keep you posted!

Activision, you’ve done it again!

Can you say busy?

Because that has been my life the last few weeks. Off the wall insanely busy.

A few friends and I are in the middle of creating a game. I cannot discuss to much about it (it would spoil the surprise!), however I can show some artwork I’ve done for it so far. It’s not to much but it’s a start!

What we had in mind is to create an environment that we can build upon. A place that is not limited by a surface, but a world that can expand.

The type we are creating will be an RPG. I still say that the most successful RPG’s have a fantastic story, so we have a friend of mine, Oscar Lindell, to create that part. It is the first working with someone that will actually handle the writing and the writing alone. It leaves me a lot of time to focus on my part. The art.

The character design is a tricky one. I am hoping to create a Anime style character base. Mainly because it is simple and recognizable. At some sense, safe.

It is also my favorite style to draw. Sure I’ve been experimenting a lot of gore and horror styles lately, but always fall back to this.

My art teacher in high school was right about one thing, I’ll never be able to snap out of doing Japanese style artwork. They are to blame of creating such adorable artwork!

Other then this and my other assignments I’ve spent a few hours before bed playing Pokemon black with my husband. It started when I ordered pokemon ranger and got hooked. After that I invested in pokemon Diamond and eventually now, playing Pokemon black with my husband.

You know, I’d never think that I would be up late in bed, playing Pokemon on my DS while watching Dexter.

It has a really creepy sound to it all doesn’t it?

I know the older I get, the more mature I should be. But my husband and I both name our Pokemons really terrible name, I am talking about insanely degrading names. I’d like to ask if it’s normal for people our age, but I already know the answer. Officially, it isn’t ok. Unofficially, it is perfectly normal behavior for a bored married couple to name cute little animals  Baconbitch and the rapist.

I know, we are terrible people. Meanwhile, here is our cat sleeping in a sitting position. Till next time my friends!