Cel Collection II

Since collecting production/animation cels is such a big thing in my life right now. I’ve decided to share my gallery with you guys! A cel is a transparent sheet of celluloid on which objects are drawn or painted in the making of animated cartoons. Mind you, some of these were harder to come by then the holy grail itself! Mind you these are all ORIGINALS used in production.

All that you see have actually been restored to their former glory! So if you see one containing faded ink, disregard that. These pictures were taken prior to restoration. One day I plan to add all of the restored ones and update this page 😉

P.s Sometimes the loading jack’s up, if the images do not load, refresh the site.

2011-09-16_1857.png (459×365)2011-09-16_1858.png (388×350)

5 Little woman Jo’s boys, Ranma 1/2

2011-09-16_1900.png (265×304)2011-09-16_1900.png (430×357)

Akane and Kuno (Ranma 1/2)

2011-09-16_1902.png (354×270)2011-09-16_1903.png (341×265)

Winnie the Pooh, Back to the future

2011-09-16_1903.png (273×262)2011-09-16_1904.png (366×278)

All dogs go to heaven

2011-09-16_1905.png (317×255)2011-09-16_1905.png (307×243)

Brave little toaster, Street Fighter

2011-09-16_1906.png (298×239)2011-09-16_1907.png (306×264)

Black Star, Exo Squad

2011-09-16_1908.png (414×256)2011-09-16_1908.png (260×343)

Sonic the hedgehog, Street Fighter

2011-09-16_1909.png (292×364)2011-09-16_1910.png (270×373)

Tarzan, Teelah (He-man)

Candy Candy the Movie

He-man (Orko and Sorceress)

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