Cel collection

Since collecting production/animation cels is such a big thing in my life right now. I’ve decided to share my gallery with you guys! A cel is a transparent sheet of celluloid on which objects are drawn or painted in the making of animated cartoons. Mind you, some of these were harder to come by then the holy grail itself! Mind you these are all ORIGINALS used in production.

All that you see have actually been restored to their former glory! So if you see one containing faded ink, disregard that. These pictures were taken prior to restoration. One day I plan to add all of the restored ones and update this page 😉

P.s Sometimes the loading jack’s up, if the images do not load, refresh the site.

Paula Abdul Music video -Opposites attract

Pink Panther, Carebears

She-ra , Catra

Sabrina and the Groovie ghoulies, Tenchi Muyo


Pretty Sammy, An american tail 2

2011-04-06_1526.png (239×202)

She-ra (adora), Kurogane communication

He-man, GTO (great teacher onikuza)

Sailor Moon (Usagi)

Sailor Moon (jupiter), St. Saint Tail

Power Stone 2 (PSP game)

Robot Carnival and Gnomes

St. Saint Tail

2011-02-25_1511.png (530×427)2011-02-25_1510.png (707×566)

Samurai Pizza Cats

2011-02-25_1510.png (651×533)2011-02-25_1509.png (727×579)

Samurai Pizza Cats, Jojo’s Bizzare adventure

2011-02-25_1525.png (726×579)2011-02-25_1524.png (509×435)

She-ra(Glimmer and Cowl), Back to the future

2011-02-25_1524.png (459×349)2011-02-25_1523.png (575×428)

The land before time, All dogs go to heaven

2011-02-25_1522.png (647×521)2011-02-25_1521.png (689×591)

Where on Earth is Carmen SanDiego

2011-02-25_1521.png (659×494)2011-02-25_1508.png (738×562)

Where on Earth is Carmen SanDiego, Gigantor

2011-02-25_1520.png (736×571)2011-02-25_1519.png (748×586)

Pocket Dragons

2011-02-25_1538.png (223×270)2011-03-16_2304.png (280×221)

The Black Cauldron (gurgi), Vampire Princess Miyu

2011-03-07_1522.png (300×239)2011-03-16_2306.png (545×415)

Galaxy Express 999,  Magical Knights Rayearth (Lantis)

2011-03-07_1531.png (291×194)2011-03-07_1532.png (450×352)

Card Captor Sakura, Fushigi Yuugi (Miaka)

2011-03-07_1541.png (289×237)2011-03-07_1542.png (285×214)

Fushigi yuuki X 2

2011-03-07_1545.png (266×210)2011-03-07_1548.png (244×197)

Fushigi Yuugi (Tamahome), Robot Carneval

2011-03-07_1550.png (264×218)2011-03-07_1554.png (245×187)

Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure, Care Bears

2011-03-07_1555.png (283×219)2011-03-07_1556.png (274×207)

Robot Carneval x2

2011-03-07_1611.png (282×198)2011-03-07_1612.png (277×193)

M.A.S.K, Little Nemo in slumberland

2011-03-09_1102.png (322×248)2011-03-09_1105.png (265×296)

Lady Lovely locks

Lady Lovely locks

2011-03-09_1106.png (243×202)2011-03-09_1107.png (295×223)

Lady Lovely locks,  Roujin Z

2011-03-09_1109.png (492×235)

Where on Earth is Carmen SanDiego

2011-03-09_1111.png (273×204)2011-03-09_1111.png (273×278)

Tenchi Muyo (Ryoko, Washu)

2011-03-17_1354.png (289×220)2011-03-17_1356.png (286×201)2011-03-23_1520.png (224×193)

Tenchi Muyo (Washu and Grandpa), (Tenchi and Ryoko)

2011-03-09_1113.png (232×200)2011-03-09_1114.png (262×216)

Hyper Police

2011-03-09_1115.png (374×415)2011-03-09_1116.png (289×186)

Lady Oscar aka Rose of Versailles

2011-03-09_2155.png (539×411)2011-02-25_1541.png (284×255)

Candy Candy x 2 (feat Candy White and Tom)

2011-03-16_2300.png (296×198)2011-03-16_2301.png (295×211)

Starzinger x 2 (feat Princess Aurora, Hacka and Djorgon

2011-03-07_1527.png (292×217)2011-03-16_2309.png (285×210)

Slayers x 2 (Gourry) (Lina Inverse)

2011-03-23_1511.png (295×220)2011-03-23_1512.png (189×192)2011-03-23_1515.png (244×204)

Words Worth x3

2011-03-23_1527.png (287×218)2011-03-23_1528.png (288×219)

Kurogane Communication x2

2011-03-23_1530.png (522×234)

Marmalade Boy x2

2011-04-06_1529.png (266×218)2011-04-06_1530.png (292×220)

Robotech, Robot Carnival

2011-04-06_1531.png (271×207)2011-04-06_1532.png (297×220)

Alvin and the Chipmunks, Fievel goes West

2011-04-06_1533.png (265×218)2011-04-06_1536.png (256×202)

Iczer One, captain N

Minki Momo (Aka Gigi)

2011-07-08_1809.png (364×340)2011-07-08_1810.png (251×227)

Candy Candy(Anthony & Candy)

2011-07-08_1811.png (299×225)2011-07-08_1813.png (298×223)

Crimson Wolf

2011-07-08_1814.png (395×295)2011-07-08_1815.png (431×352)

Disneys Brave little toaster, Golden Boy

2011-07-08_1820.png (310×270)2011-07-08_1822.png (410×356)

Land before time, Golden boy

4 comments on “Cel collection

  1. Oh. My. God. Where’d you get all these cells? Whoooooaaaa!!! *swoons* Are you planning to have them framed or something? They still look like in good condition—great job Anna!

    • Hehe, many hours on eBay and several cel vendors 🙂 took me some time to make this collection:) they are going to be framed yes 🙂

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