Assassins Creed, Monster pets and baby!

This week (and weekend) has been a struggle to say the least. Mainly spent on catching up on work and finding some nice fitting pregnancy pants.

My friend Ana got a pair when she got pregnant and she said that they were the most comfy things. She was right, they are! It’s been hard to wear regular jeans and I’ve already outgrown my fat-Anna Jeans. It’s nice to be able to wear pants you know that aren’t going to put pressure on your abdomen. Because it is very very uncomfortable.

I also went ahead and picked up Thrillville for the WII. My baby sister Katrin likes to play simulator type games and what can be more fun then building your own themepark? I’ve always liked games like that. Also my baby sister and mom have an American Wii, so the only games they can play are basically the ones I can send them. It’s a PAL and NTSC thing.

Kim has been busy playing Assassins creed, the first one and the second one. It is his type of game. Stealthy, Jumpy and thieve. He has always been a huge fan of Tomb Raider, Thief and games like that. He describes Assassins creed 2 as a mix of Thief, Tomb Raider and Fable.

There is a significant difference between 1 and 2 mind you. All thou the spirit of the game is the same, the story is more developed and intriguing. You can swim in water that for some reason you couldn’t in the first one. The Syncs are longer in between. You have access to a healer and you can edit your equipment. Many things are different but as for the functionality it is the same. Your camera still gets in the way and you still have the same objectives as you did in the first one (plus some extra added)

I cracked up when the main characters Uncle comes out of no where and introduces him self in this manner

“It’s me! MARIO” with a broado italiano accento.

This weekend was horrible in managing to get good deals on production cels! I guess some people just wanted them more I guess. There was one incident that I fell asleep and missed the bidding entirely, but, alas I managed to score me one! Great Teacher Onikuza! GTO for short. It is one of my all time favorite anime show! I can’t wait till it arrives so I can hang it up! :3



As for monster pets. These are my new designs that will be placed on the CDE prepaid card. It’s been a while since we updated them and we figured it was time to offer something new. Being a fan and collecting monster high dolls, I figured that I’d make pets to honor that style and fashion. At times I wished I was younger, because todays youth has much more fun clothes then I did growing up. More colors, crazy accessories and awesome prints.  I guess I just sit back and let my future crazed teen have that kind of fun!

As in terms of playing videogames this weekend. Nawh, I’ve enjoyed watching Kim play assassins creed. I spent my time finishing up work and just re organizing things around the house. I’ve also took the opportunity to relax. My weeks are usually so busy that I rarely get to see straight.

Anyways, here is a little preview on the new pets!


Cel Cel Cel!

Lately I’ve gotten a new hobby. Original animation cels.

Basically a piece of a cartoon that was used to make that specific cartoon!

It’s been crazy how little these things are being sold for when they are released. The entire cel world is like a little science of  it’s own. The worth of the cel is entirely based on on following things:

The Quality


Main character position



There is much to take to consideration. Either way, I would like to share some of my finds here  so here it goes!

Anjos Cel list!

As a child of the 80’s, this one has a significant place in my youth. An original production Cel from the grammy winning video from Paulas nr 1 Album. I even captured where in the video this cel was used 🙂

I am sure you guys recognize this cel. This is a genuine cel from the Pink panther cartoons. If you didn’t know who the Pink Panther is, you need to be tossed into the sun.

Aaaah, Carebears, the most caring creatures in Care-a-lot 🙂 I got this piece for $10 buchs. A very good deal and investment say I. Simple because it does feature Sunshine bear, which is one of the lead carebear in the Show. I guess he just cares a bit more.

This is from the show She-ra Princess of power. This is not the “best” cel to invest in since This is mind motion cel. I got this one tho fairly cheap and it does contain 3 separate Cels. Two of  who are She-ra. It came with an official filmnation stamp so it just adds into the worth of the Cel. She-ra cels are highly sought out for.

This one is a good one! This is a genuine Cel of Catra from the Show She-ra. Why is one of the main characters of the Evil side more valuable you say? Lets study the cel. First of, it’s signed. Second, it’s in good shape and it is a great picture overall. Thirdly, this was Catras first appearance in the show, because this is actually from the Movie where she-ra was first introduced “Secrets of the Sword”. In this movie, She-ra made her grand entrance as well. All of these things builds up to a cels worth.

This one is quite unique as well. This is from the Series Sabrina and the Groovy Goolies. It is from the 70’s and it’s signed. One thing that adds into the value of a cell is the Sketch that comes with it. So far almost all my Cels came with the original sketch, so basically you can get a great deal with that.

Some Cels come with a certificate of authenticity to boost the value of a cel. This specific one does come with one. Sometimes studios release their cels with the certificate to earn more in the auctioning of the cel. This one is specifically valuable since this is a very very rare scene. A kissing scene in cartoons back in the day was once throughout the entire show. If this was bravestarr riding on his horse, its a decent Cel , but not a very rare one since he did that alot. However a kissing scene was as rare as an honest politician, which means that there are fewer cels with them actually kissing.

From Tenchi Muyo, Kims favorite show 🙂

Now  this is the final cel I invested in. This is something called a SeriCel. Many studios never intend to release their originals and they keep them for future references and reproductions such as the studio that created speed racer. Instead they release something called SeriCel. Some studios make limited edition, which means they release 100 copies of a cel. Those usually do not get worth much more in time. A sericel can be very much desirable since it is cleaned up and made into perfection, and with limited amount released, you will more or less have the closest thing to the real deal.

This is my collection thus far!

I hope you will find this insight ful 🙂