Who am I?

I’ve recently been asked to join Triolith as their community manager. I will assist in building their brand and a personal love-ability that only Anna-attention can provide. Here be the original post :http://www.triolith.com/2012/04/05/community-manager-of-triolith-entertainment-reporting-for-duty/

Actually, that is a rhetorical question, I know exactly who I am!
I am Anna! More known under my online persona Anjo Banjo.

I am the Community Manager of Triolith Entertainment!

I will be using my stellar customer service sense to tend to the growing Triolith community. Especially the one that will emerge once Megatroid is launched. As your community manager, I will do whatever I can to make you all feel as a part of the Triolith family. I also will be spreading awareness about Megatroid, Triolith Entertainment and upcoming games. You want to arrange a gaming tournament? I’ll do my best to make that happen! You want a Megatroid T-shirt? I’ll be the go to gal! We will hopefully soon be launching a forum where all Triolith Entertainment and game enthusiast will be able to come together and discuss games, current game industry events, anything that tickles your fancy really. I will be a face you’ll be seeing for a long time, and my face smells great!

Let’s get this show on the road!

I am an avid gamer, playing anything and everything. I try to keep myself up to date with the more expanding gaming market but let’s face it, it’s hard. I like to believe that I am an artist of sorts. Oil, pixel, vector, sketch, you name it. I usually write about other people, so this is a strange experience for me. What would you like to know?

This is where telepathy would’ve come in handy!
First impressions are so important and I can’t even figure out a good title. As a rule I am very shy, but there are times, like today (oh lucky you!!) where I am feeling absolutely fabulous!

I guess the logical place to start is from the start. As a child, I had an older brother, a very nerdy older brother that finally gave up on ever having a baby brother. Someone had to fill those shoes! Unfortunately I have really small feet, but a big heart and batman glasses that my brother picked out, which got me teased for years. Hanging with my brother and doing what he did made more sense to me then make-up/fashion and boys. He sometimes let me actually touch his Amiga! It’s safe to assume that the best time growing up was when he was playing a game and let me watch, or even better, when we played games together.

His interests became my own. I started to play any game I could get my hands on and spent as much time as I could by a computer. I was content with the life I’ve chosen, not a popular one, but at least, a happy one.
I had friends too who played videogames/PC games, so finding someone to replace the void he left once my brother moved out was simple. The love of gaming ruled my life for a bit, then I discovered the nightlife. That was the least productive year I’ve ever had, ever. Once I stopped partying I took my first step into one of my passions, which was artistry. I pursued that path through education and practice. The market in Sweden, however, was very rough. Since I wasn’t really out partying anymore I decided it was a good opportunity to say hello to an old friend. I picked up an xbox and, with that, a subscription to Xbox-live.
A whole new world opened up. I got to play with people from all over the world! Sure, there was a lot of profanity but to have people I could actually communicate with was just amazing!

One day after getting fired from Burger King, don’t ask, I packed my bags, sold everything I owned and took the first plane to America.
When I landed the cultural difference was striking. I started to work on my artistic portfolio and continued getting to know the online community. The rest is pretty much history, isn’t it? I’ve had the opportunity to create a community of my own, I’ve met some of the best friends I could ever ask for. I’ve had the incredible joy of working for GamertagRadio for a long time, and of course, many others as well. I’ve been to various gaming conventions that I never in my life thought I’d be able to attend! I’ve also worked as a game designer for several girl sites. The biggest moment in my life was being able to see my work on CNN and MSNBC. That was a close second was releasing a PC game I helped design.

So, who am I? I am the girl from Sweden, who vanished and came back richer with experience. That is the experience I will hope to share with Triolith Entertainment.

It’s a pleasure to meet all of you!

If you have any questions you’d like to know, just ask me by commenting on this blog post and I’ll give you an answer as soon as I’ve rid the world of Halo! Actually, I am feeling very generous, so I’ll answer it even without destroying Halo! Congrats, you just cost the world the cure for Halo!


– Anna

Satoru Iwata visiting your 3Ds!

Well happy birthday 3DS, it was exactly  year ago since we saw you being released.

As a special treat to all 3Ds owners, a special Mii will visit your 3Ds!

Have you guessed it yet? It is non other then Iwata. His Mii is also level 5, so if you are stuck in street quest like I was, his visit was more then appreciated!

Yesterday I discovered Augmented reality. While traveling to my sister-in-law I got the opportunity to spend some time with my 3Ds.

Augmented reality is simply a pile of cards, that you place on a surface and then you can play some games or take really nifty pictures. Your DS camera scans the card and brings forth the character/or game. Pretty cool right?

Me and my husband got creative while at Subway! Here is the result och out little adventure!


Oh hi Kirby, fancy meeting you here at Subway where there are no 5 dollar foot long!!


Did I do good daddy?!


Coffee gives you wiiiiiings!

Till next time my darlings!

Can you say busy?

Because that has been my life the last few weeks. Off the wall insanely busy.

A few friends and I are in the middle of creating a game. I cannot discuss to much about it (it would spoil the surprise!), however I can show some artwork I’ve done for it so far. It’s not to much but it’s a start!

What we had in mind is to create an environment that we can build upon. A place that is not limited by a surface, but a world that can expand.

The type we are creating will be an RPG. I still say that the most successful RPG’s have a fantastic story, so we have a friend of mine, Oscar Lindell, to create that part. It is the first working with someone that will actually handle the writing and the writing alone. It leaves me a lot of time to focus on my part. The art.

The character design is a tricky one. I am hoping to create a Anime style character base. Mainly because it is simple and recognizable. At some sense, safe.

It is also my favorite style to draw. Sure I’ve been experimenting a lot of gore and horror styles lately, but always fall back to this.

My art teacher in high school was right about one thing, I’ll never be able to snap out of doing Japanese style artwork. They are to blame of creating such adorable artwork!

Other then this and my other assignments I’ve spent a few hours before bed playing Pokemon black with my husband. It started when I ordered pokemon ranger and got hooked. After that I invested in pokemon Diamond and eventually now, playing Pokemon black with my husband.

You know, I’d never think that I would be up late in bed, playing Pokemon on my DS while watching Dexter.

It has a really creepy sound to it all doesn’t it?

I know the older I get, the more mature I should be. But my husband and I both name our Pokemons really terrible name, I am talking about insanely degrading names. I’d like to ask if it’s normal for people our age, but I already know the answer. Officially, it isn’t ok. Unofficially, it is perfectly normal behavior for a bored married couple to name cute little animals  Baconbitch and the rapist.

I know, we are terrible people. Meanwhile, here is our cat sleeping in a sitting position. Till next time my friends!