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I am one of those people who can say that I really enjoy what I do in life. I work with so many talented and wonderful children that just make my day worth living. While society bickers about their differences and money, I can sit back and enjoy the company of some truly amazing younglings. We have many children who are led a stray in life. Either they lack attention or they are given to much attention. 
Like I said, I am lucky.
I’d like to introduce to you one of those children that give me back my faith in humanity.
I’ll only refer to her as her Forum name!
Anna: Thank you so much for joining us in the first ever “Featured member” blogpost!
PrettyLittleGleek: Thank you for picking me! It’s such an honor ❤
Anna: Tell us a bit about yourself, a short introduction is required!
PrettyLittleGleek: Well, I’m 11 years old and I am in 6th grade. I Love to Sing,Dance and Act. I’m Homeschooled because I’m so busy most of the time haha! My Favorite Color is Blue and I don’t really have a favorite food cause I like a lot. LOL 
Anna: Yea, me too, it explains the lovely belly I’ve accumulated over the years 😉
When did you start to sing?
PrettyLittleGleek: Basically as soon as I could talk haha! I started singing at Talent shows, Church, etc when I was 7 years old(:
Anna: Many of us do not take our singing beyond the shower, what made you burst out into the world?
PrettyLittleGleek: Well, I always loved performing whenever I first heard about it and always wanted to be famous one day. I Just wanted to try it and so I did and just fell in love with it.(:
Anna: What’s it like being on stage infront of people?
PrettyLittleGleek: I personally LOVE being on stage lol! I’m usually nervous at first like, “What if i mess up the words or my voice cracks?!” or something, but then when I get up on the stage all my worries just float away.(:
Anna: I love how you perform musical bits, I think it is rare to see younglings to sing those rather then what is hip and hot today. Which is your favorite musical?
PrettyLittleGleek: Favorite Musical…I love so many…I Recently went to go see Wicked and I just fell in love with it. I already had all the music and loved to sing it so I really wanted to see the show. So when my Mom heard it was coming somewhere close to where I lived. I had to go see it(: I also really like Le Miz, Phantom of the opera and West side story(:
Anna: As a nerd and a gamer, I’d like to ask you, do you have time to play any games? If so, elaborate on that:
PrettyLittleGleek: I do sometimes(: I really don’t play games a lot though. I have a DSI and a WII and my Brother has an Old Play station I play sometimes. I Like Car Racing games, If that’s hard to believe LOL, and I like fashion games lol! I also really like the game Mario Brothers Super Smash Brawl! lol! I play it with my brother(:
Anna: What do you see for yourself in the future? Let’s say you hit it big and become an absolute star, what will you do with your success? Will you use your influence to do good around the world?
PrettyLittleGleek: I dream a lot lol but I hope to be on Broadway. Singing, Dancing and acting. I want to donate money to Animal Shelters and Young Children that are sick or very poor.(:
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Can you say busy?

Because that has been my life the last few weeks. Off the wall insanely busy.

A few friends and I are in the middle of creating a game. I cannot discuss to much about it (it would spoil the surprise!), however I can show some artwork I’ve done for it so far. It’s not to much but it’s a start!

What we had in mind is to create an environment that we can build upon. A place that is not limited by a surface, but a world that can expand.

The type we are creating will be an RPG. I still say that the most successful RPG’s have a fantastic story, so we have a friend of mine, Oscar Lindell, to create that part. It is the first working with someone that will actually handle the writing and the writing alone. It leaves me a lot of time to focus on my part. The art.

The character design is a tricky one. I am hoping to create a Anime style character base. Mainly because it is simple and recognizable. At some sense, safe.

It is also my favorite style to draw. Sure I’ve been experimenting a lot of gore and horror styles lately, but always fall back to this.

My art teacher in high school was right about one thing, I’ll never be able to snap out of doing Japanese style artwork. They are to blame of creating such adorable artwork!

Other then this and my other assignments I’ve spent a few hours before bed playing Pokemon black with my husband. It started when I ordered pokemon ranger and got hooked. After that I invested in pokemon Diamond and eventually now, playing Pokemon black with my husband.

You know, I’d never think that I would be up late in bed, playing Pokemon on my DS while watching Dexter.

It has a really creepy sound to it all doesn’t it?

I know the older I get, the more mature I should be. But my husband and I both name our Pokemons really terrible name, I am talking about insanely degrading names. I’d like to ask if it’s normal for people our age, but I already know the answer. Officially, it isn’t ok. Unofficially, it is perfectly normal behavior for a bored married couple to name cute little animals  Baconbitch and the rapist.

I know, we are terrible people. Meanwhile, here is our cat sleeping in a sitting position. Till next time my friends!

Music and Art

It’s been a very intense week last week for many of my friends.

My friend Shawn Boyd released his first Demo.


I am the first to admit that I do not know much about rap, but this is actually pretty good! I always support my creative friends in their craft. It’s good to see when people chase their dreams rather then conform to something they do not enjoy doing. A soul feels a lot better when it has a creative outlet. This is why I cannot fall asleep most night unless I drew something during the day.

For the sake of creativity, here is a drawing I made for Shawn Boyds Demo:

Yes, I started to let deviantart watermark my art. I’ve been having some problems with people using my art without permission. It happens and I will not make a big fuss out of it. Just label them from now on.

I am exited for what this week has to bring. I am currently onboard on my friend Jonathans project and creating yet another fun game! We also have a writer onboard for the dialogue! I’ll keep you fellows posted once we’ve gotten off from the idea phase.

I started sketching the last few weeks and there isn’t really much to show yet.

I’ll end this blog entry here and continue on with Monday!

Till next time!