Another day, another box

I am still trying to figure out what to bring and what not to bring. Each day that goes by, the closer to the inevitable gigantic move back to Sweden.

I’ve learned that it’s easier to sell storage items rather then other general things. Some that I actually quite frankly find pretty awesome! Me and my husband have been restoring an antique Uncle Scrooge statue (Scrooge Mcduck). It is almost finished and now comes the hard part of finding a buyer.

I’ve seen it for sale on ebay for $600+ but I doubt I’ll find a seller that would pay that much. I am hoping to gain at least half of that.

It honestly hurt to sell it but what can you do right? Would cost me that amount to just ship the darned thing.

Here it is mid restoration. We bought it with a snapped neck, it is starting to look amazing already. I still have to finish the paint and glue on the glasses, after that it will be in top notch shape.

You know, it’s sad that people throw away broken things when they can be fixed and used for years to come. we do live in a throw away society. I am just as guilty of being wasteful as the next person. I will actually start to get better with that. There is only so much resources on this world before we run low and are stuck with a pile of junk.

Which reminds me, since I have so many cat things I will be leaving behind, I’ve decided to donate all my cats large stuff to a close by independent cat rescue group. When I their door,  the expression was priceless. The person who opened the door thought that I was going to dump off my cats. I wouldn’t do that, I love my cats. I saw a little kitten walking up to me, a turtle patched little thing! I picked her up and just gave my husband the puppy dog eyes. Of course he said no. We will already be importing two cats, we cannot afford to import another one. Still, I would love to have a little kitten in the house. One that would give my big large Cheezebugher (male cat) a run for it’s money. Someone to actually exercise him.

Some of the things we will be donating.

Never buy a cat bed, darned things never sleep in them anyway.

I haven’t even found all their toys, I will let them keep their favorite. Cheeseburgers is still the little wooden key that Ana gave him when he was playing with her purse. Lol, her favorite is a little fuzzy ball that she carries around.

Other then the packing and the giving away stuff and the selling (the list goes on and on), I am exited about this week! Wizard World in Chicago on Thursday! I am so very stoked!

I’ll see you there!

Cat meme Ala Anna

I’ve spent this weekend (and part friday) to create these cute little cat interpretations of famous Meme cats for Cartoon doll emporium.

I am really liking how nicely they’ve turned out. You can download the PNG’s here.

2011-07-31_2227.png (542×263)

My favorite is business cat ofcourse! Why? Because my very own cat, Cheezeburghur has a nice little similar tie! He will be going to the vet soon and will wear it to impress the good pet doctor!

He is pretty hansom no? I love how the tie brings out the contrast in his eyes. I know many would say that it is degrading to cats to wear something like this. However, when a cat has been raised with wearing a collar at all times, this is nothing less then that. It is, just like a collar. That is why he stays so calm and doesn’t even realize that it’s anything different then a collar. He doesn’t wear this at all times of course. He would make it very dirty doing his regular cat things. So he is to wear it during special occasions. With the packing going on (I am moving across the sea back home to Sweden), I’ve caught him sleeping a lot on my drawings, papers and in boxes. Typical cat.

I know many would say that cats aren’t people, but I beg the differ. See the resemblance between Cheezeburghur and my husband. Do not even try to deny the similarities? 😉  Both are equally hilarious! 2011-07-27_0144.png (1238×479)

My little girl LOL has also gotten a little present! Some very nice bling! I haven’t been able to snap a good picture of it yet with her wearing the necklace. She is more of the inward shy type. Typical basement cat behavior!

Her necklace contains of genuine Swarovsky crystals! It was her 2 year birthday last week so we decided to get both cats something special. You can see her brother Cheezeburghur glaring at it in awe. He had want to check it out and being extremely curious is just a big part of his personality. It’s funny how different my cats are. Either way, each one of the memes can be tied down to a cat. So many different personalities, yet so many similar behaviors.

I am exited about bringing them with me to Sweden, they’ll be representing the cats of America and I am sure they will make US cats proud! Any who, it is getting late and I still have much packing to do. I know I am not leaving for another 2 months, but for some reason I want things packed and done with. I have the travel jidders already and they are making me into a nervous wreck. Also I hate flying!

Till next time!