Who watched the watchmen ( I know i didn’t)

This year seems more like a movie year then Gaming year. Think about it.
The halo ship is sinking quick. With the release of Halo wars and various books based on the game, you can tell that the interest for Bungie’s golden calf has declined.
On the other hand, didn’t Bungie say that after Halo 3 that they were done with the halo series? That it was the end of the road? No more?
They should’ve quit while the game was already falling through the cracks of its on buggy pile of glitches.

Halo, GO AWAY! You had your time.
Either way, where was I? Yes, Watchmen. already predicted to be the movie of the year. Based on a graphic Novel, yaddayadda, Anna are you listening? the watch men blah blah blah blah huh?

I am sorry, My man basically had my ears fall of my head and crawl to the closest microwave to end their suffering. I know it is the movie of the year (except for star trek), I know that it’s THE happening.
So for you good people who couldn’t see the movie, here are other free topic to talk about “on the house”.

1) This year has been predicted as being the year of sequels, Loco Roco 2. (good game, buy buy buy buy)

2) Halo 3: ODST (formerly named Halo 3: Recon) “oh god just please go AWAY!!!”
Don’t get to exited about this one, this is a mere expansion pack.

3)X-Men Origins:
Wolverine is an upcoming 2009 action-adventure game developed by Raven Software and Amaze Entertainment and published by Activision. The exclusive preview had its premiere at ComicCon (NYCC). I know, because I was there. I saw it. For a game based on a movie/comic book. It actually was very intense, slice and dice. They put a lot of attention to the details of the creature that is Wolverine.

4)The Sims 3 is an upcoming computer game in the popular and critically acclaimed The Sims franchise, originally created by Maxis and due for release on June 2, 2009 in North America and June 5, 2009 in Europe.
Ok, now who isn’t exited about this one? I predict that this is going to be larger then the release of watchmen. I know because Miss Irie and myself will probably somehow acquire all the copies available in our Cities. Also more simrelated items , MySims Party and MySims racing.

5) Star Craft 2 is being scheduled to release in 2009 by blizzard.
So since this is a trilogy, does it mean that we will have to wait another 10 years for the next one to be released? Fantastic! I can play the waiting game too!

6) Gardening Mama is a gardening simulation-styled minigame compilation video game for the Nintendo DS handheld console.
Alright-o. Next will be “Slapping mama”,” I drink wine during daytime mama” and “where the heck did i put junior , mama”. I have to admit, I do have cooking mama. How terribly depressing isn’t it that a videogame tells me that I cannot cook pasta? The fire damage on the ceiling is already taunting me about that!

7) You know what? I am ending my list here. The cooking mama part just made me to depressed.

Also, here is another interesting point made by our own Miss Irie and I quote
-“Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li Funny stuff somehow Chun-Li is an asian girl grows up to be a white girl, must be that San Francisco weather.”

That’s it, my next editorial will be about streetfighter!

Here, Enjoy a picture I drew of “WATCHMEN”

Gaming mating dance

Ouch my Libido…

Cheerleaders want quarterbacks, nerds want large chested babes that come with minimal assembly and pot smokers want to Munch on whatever sits next to them (my poor dog).

Ever since gaming culture has been established (yes it is an established culture), we’ve heard over and over again about how nerds have been climbing up the social ladder, right now they are somewhere smack in the middle. Ever since Jack the Jock picked up a controller and thought that shooting and blowing things up was awesome, we can agree that gaming has become a accepted pass time that doesn’t get you beaten up at school anymore.

The courting has changed as well along with gaming being socially accepted as a cool thing to do.
Along with the online dating possibilities that have caused more happy marriages then disastrous ones, people dating each other online doesn’t raise an eyebrow like it used to.

Back then to impress a girl, all it took was chocolateflowers and permission from her homicidal father. The happier days that is. Now to impress a girl you have to have somewhat of a decent setup. I like to observe this ritual as I’ve seen it several times. Man meets girl in game room, they soon meet in chat room. After a while he sends pictures from his best angle (closeup on his eye while the background displays a 50 inch TV with a game collection that would make Jesus blush). He starts playing games that are entirely out of his character. Lets say that John Warezloves to play shooter games, he loooooves to blow up things and shoot people. All of a sudden he plays games that contain a lot of pink. Pink, cute and cuddly, to simply impress his online sweetheart.
As the mating dance continues it advances with him showing the rest of him. By now the girl likes him not for his appearance, she likes him for the simple fact that it would be fun to have a man to play “my little pony stuck in my little pink house with my little pink ribbon” with.

Now here comes the interesting part, John starts to get competition. There are other males flashing off their collection to attract the females attention. In panic he heads out and buys any console or game that she has mentioned was her absolute favorite, now she is his.

It is interesting, how the size of your gaming collection, how many consoles you have, how long you’ve been a gamer, matter so much in the social dance of proving that you are are indeed the real deal. Sometimes there isn’t one day that does by where I hear from various John’s these following sentences:

1) I was a beta tester (who hasn’t?)
2) I still have my Atari (Scared of the 3D monster?)
3) I have 569 games from various consoles (Junk collector?)
4) I have all the old consoles in mint condition ( I guess the new consoles don’t work on your old TV)
5) I am a significant person in the gaming community (oh, you mean a consumer?) <—

Hey, I like many others do appreciate the good old classics and I do like to collect old games so do not take this personally. It is just the 5 classic things for a guy to say online to impress the same or the opposite gender. After John gets her attention with those 5 sentences, here is the next step:

1) I am a game developer (yes i can make things in flash too)
2) I work for Sony/Xbox/Nintendo (classic)
3) I have my own blog/review/podcast website (oh god, you have no money!)
4) I am fata1ity in disguise (……)
5) I am a producer (now its getting out of hand)

After a long time observing people online, I came to one final truth.
No one tells the entire truth.
Gaming culture took a big step from being about games and inspiration for various new ways of entertainment, to who has the biggest gaming collection. It’s not so much gaming as it is trying to impress various individuals.

Anyone that say any of the statements posted above, I know is just trying to get some attention. I would like to make a more detailed study. Maybe write a dating online book or something. You have a lot of things to your advantage by hiding behind a computer/TV. What really impresses me is how many people that actually believe everything some people say online. I’ve noticed that with my job. We have a lot of people pretending to be staff on my work site, and the 10 year old kids believe it. Now am I saying that a lot of people have the same common sense as a 10 year old, sometimes yes.
I am not in any way condemning online dating, hey, that is how i met my husband. It has seems to have gone from how we met (which was playing games we actually both enjoyed, if I got a lame game he didn’t like, he didn’t play with me) to something entirely different. as a matter a fact, here are a few points of observation of people that are not trying to impress you.

1) they talk a bit about their outside life, not involving gaming
2) you don’t see them sending you invites to games you don’t have
3) you don’t see them getting a game just because you have it
4) They rather be quiet and enjoy the game and speak only when necessary
5) they pull a joke once in a while to expose a bit of their personality
6) they do not tell your their life story within the span of 15 minutes
7) they rather play with you only if personality’s match and gaming skill.
8) they will let you know if they think that your friends are a$%^oles
9) they wont dis your taste of games, they will however give you a little pundent and not a 30 min review on why you shouldn’t be playing that game.
10a they play games that are not always socially cool in the community, they play what they like to play, not to impress anyone.
10b) They will not get a game just because its the flavour of the month, they get if they feel that its worth playing through.
(sorry about the A and B part, I try to keep an even list)

All it is in the end, is a big act. Once the curtains starts rolling down, you take a deep bow and hope that your mom isn’t up yet so you can sneak away from your gaming basement up to your room.
Don’t step on her dog…or your she will ground you.
That would hurt your Libido