Evil facebook games!

Look, I am sure that there are more people than myself who get a whole box full of gaming requests on facebook. It annoys a lot of people beyond belief. It doesn’t annoy me at all as a matter of fact. Maybe I like it that my friend’s game and sending me request is proof of that. It’s an every changing cultural phenomenon that one would be an idiot to ignore its success. Facebook is massive and have so many uses, from planning party events, to stalking your X significant other.

I play games, mainly Simcity and Sims Social. My wonderful sister from another mister kept sending me requests so I’d figure, why not?

My thought process by then was “Why does she play this dumbed down version when she has the entire Sims collection for her PC?”

Well I got the answer to my question. It’s addictive and constantly evolving. EA creates new quests for your Sim to do to the point where it’s impossible to complete them all! You get to visit your friends and put a social label on the entire Sims franchise. You can also have them visit you which works out better if you have nicer items.

I think having to buy a game and then continuing to buy expansions for said game is ridiculous. Also, for a while I sold my bed and had to crash at miss Iries sims place. Forced slumber party anyone? Your sim can also create relationships and send requests for the Sims relationship to grow from good friends to inspired BFF’s!

So, my conclusion is that, facebook games are easy. They are a better waste of time then reading updates from people who do nothing other then complain.

The only thing that really annoys me is when the items you send out and request is malfunctioning.



15 Hours and I am still going back to Google+

It’s been about 15 hours since I was invited by Danny Pena to join him on Google+.

I have to admit that my first initial thoughs were that of an sceptic. Do we really need another facebook?

Then as the hours progressed, I found more and more nifty features about it and I realized that facebook would probably do better with some competition. Which is exactly what Google+ supplies. Great competition.

This is not a halfassed attempt into becoming the new facebook mind you. The features are slicker and definitely less glitchy. I was impressed by how easy and beautiful their media upload system is and instead of the tedious clicking, they have a drag and drop system instead.

It is more of a “private” kind of operation. Instead of general friend list, you have “circles”. You can create your own or use pre existing ones. You simply drag your contacts into categories. This feature comes in handy when you are posting something. When you make a post you can choose which circle can view that specific content. Which is a great feature for us who do sometimes wish to be private.

It does resemble facebook in many ways of course but without any of the  “annoying” features. Note that there are as if yet, no adds. I appreciate that. Also, what is nifty is that you can get notifications, respond to them without leaving whatever it is you are doing in your E-mail OR your Google+ account.

Their phone app is also a work of art to say the least. It is simplistic and slick. You can do exactly what is available on the site, upload videos photos, send status updates and more!

What is clever about Google+ is that you can use it as a replacement for facebook (for those who don’t like FB) and/or you can use it to organize your email contacts and easier extended means of communication. It does not have to be the hassle of a large social media site. Their idea in this is that it can be used as an extended feature to your email. You don’t have to visit a website to login. This is directly tied to your Gmail.

Will I leave facebook? No, it took me several years to gather family and friends over there, and it took me for ever to build up the gallery I have.  There is so much history. If they had the possibility to import all my content over here and grab my family and friends with me, then yes.

It was hard enough to convince some people to join me on facebook, can you imagine convincing them to join me here?