Red Carpet Extravaganza!

As the second day was comming to an end, things were just getting started for us.

What was waiting was a red carpet event where we would get a chance to interview many celebrities that attended said event. As we entered the lobby, we realized that we had to set up and do it quick. It was quickly running out of room. Mabion placed himself close to the backdrop where people would be stopping by and posing, while I tried to get in front so I could ask questions.

Next to me I had other press whom I actually teamed up with, so we could together get a higher quality of questions!

So lets kick this off with the first ones on the red carpet!

First of we have the walking dead team. Viviana Chavez and Addy Miller.However they were rushed by us so we weren’t able to talk to them! Better luck next time I guess. The same went for Vivica A. Foxand a few others.

I thought that we just simple had a bad position on the red carpet! But behold, came our savior and we actually got to talk to someone! J. LaRose from Saw3 stopped by to talk to us! I will put up the entire interview of all of those who did, but meanwhile I will keep things brief!

The first question that came out was “Do you like having your limbs?” , in which LaRose responded, “Why yes, limbs are a great thing to have, you can do so many things with your limbs.”

After that we had a small discussion about the two different styles of horrors, which ones are the scarier ones. The ones that mess with your head, or those who display a lot of visual horror! Full interview will be posted at a later date!

We also got the pleasure to speak to Alaina Huffman. I have to say that this woman is as stunning in real life as she is on TV.

She was talking about her newly releases graphic novel called  ”Agent mom”. A home maker by day and an agent by night!

It was co created with Tony Lee and John Huffman.

I wish her all the luck with her new projec! She already has quite the following.

Next one up was Julia Benson. Another stunning woman whom was asked about the CG animation. In which she responded “It is very weird to act with something that is not there, a lot of it is CG, but you get used to it”

Then in a twist we went in to talking about my shoes. The sketches that are supposed to tone your butt and thighs.

She asked me whether they worked or not to which I responded, “I am not sure, you’ll have to ask my husband about that”

Entering the red carpet were non other then the original Wonka Kids! (not all captured on photo unfortunately!) We have a panel interview with them for a later date!

One was noticeably balding. I turned to my fellow press to my right and asked, “Do you think he would let me rub his head for good luck”. The original Charlie turned around and told me to go nuts! We all had a good laugh our of that one, and I was blessed with good luck for the rest of the event!

So if you ever get the chance to rub a bald head! Do it! It brings good luck, and is a fantastic conversation starter.

Attending were also some childhood favorites of mine. Starting from the left is Anthony Michael Hall that you might recognize from the breakfast club, he told us about his experience on that movie (this also will be a separate published interview. To the right we have Noah Hathaway from NeverEnding Story! I don’t know about you guys, but I was nuts about him as a kid. We didn’t have the opportunity to talk to him right then and there, but I did talk to him later about how it was riding falcon, to which he responded “It was awesome!”.Both of these men have since started in various projects and we wish them the best of luck in the future!

Original cast of “Evil dead” and Felicia Day

I will currently conclude this red carpet.

We have more to tell you about people that we’ve met, but we are saving these interviews for a later date!

Expect them, they’ll come sooner then you think.

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Wizard World Convention Day 2 Part 1

It is now Monday. Time vanished somewhere between Friday-Sunday. Thursday evening I was able to write my first piece about the Wizard World comic con, however, come Friday there was just no moment available to sit down, let alone write. Being a two person crew is not a pick-nick. We had so many pictures to edit and files to move to our laptops each and every day. By the time we got back to our hotel, we had filled out every recording device. Our photographic equipment’s were packed with images that we need to transfer and go through. By the time we were somewhat done organizing and labeling everything, it was 3 in the morning. Either way, without any further excuses, part deux.

We start this editorial off with some awesome costumes. Everyone who is remotely familiar with superheroes will know these two. They are like James and Jessie (from pokemon) of marvel! Prepare for trouble! Posing for us is non other then Mystique and Magneto! After being comic book “bad guys” for a very long time, they’ve become a more known duo after the success of the X-men movies.

I was in particular impressed with Mystique’s belt and that Magneto’s helmet wasn’t plastic. Must’ve been somewhat of a strain on his neck!

Here is an interesting edition to all those many Spiderman’s at the convention. Scarlet Spider/Ben Riley.

Many dressed up as the classical Peter Parker Spiderman, this gentlemen however went a different direction.

We later saw this man talking to the artists and writers of the Spiderman comics, greatly impressed with his costume.

I love these conventions simply because of the variety of people that join in the fun!

We have people who just started to enjoy living in this world, to those who have lived in it for a very long time.

Mabion too this picture of a very young and very shy little Captain America.  This little guy and his sister both attended in costumes while walking around with their very proud parents. They even had their own personal poses. When people say that comics are for children, I beg the differ. There is nothing more wonderful then to see a family unit that actually do things together. Whether it is going to the Zoo, Toys ‘r Us, or comic con. Comics are for everyone, always have been and always will be!

This is Captains America’s “new” site kick! His little sister Robin!

That is right folks! Note this down! Batman and Robin are no longer a team! It is all about Robin and the Cap.

This little wonderful girl did a subtle pose with bringing her first forward and looking at her dad as he proudly smiles at his daughters fanclub!

People were lining up to see this wonderful team and there were no lack of the “awwww” factor going around throughout the crowed.

I wish this team nothing but the best in saving the world and keeping it safe from the bad guys!

I ran into this fine gentlemen while going through the sea of people. This is Noah Hathaway Aka Atreyu (Never ending story).

This is a personal childhood hero of mine. When I saw him I had only one question that I’ve always wanted to know! Ever since I was a little child I wanted to ask him this:

Anjo: How was it riding Falcor?!

Noah Hathaway: It was AWESOME!!

Now this was a fun crowed. We don’t think these guys need a introduction, but if there is a slight chance that you’ve been living under a rock, we will let you know who you are looking at here.

From the left is David Della Rocco, Sean Patrick Flanery and Norman Reedus. These guys make up the movie called Boondock Saints. We have a cross eyed David, an exited Sean and a serious looking Norman!

This concludes part one of day two.

To be continued…

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