Portal 2 didn’t disappoint

It is surprising when a game you never thought would could be outmatched, did very well in following the footsteps of its delicious looking cousin.

When the Orange box was released, no one knew the impact Portal would have on our gaming culture. I guess it is true what they say, when you do not expect much, you are less likely to be disappointed.  This is why I try to avoid hype as much as possible.

Some games are marketed and hyped so heavily that you end up expecting a platypus giving birth to a Rhino. Disturbing but to memorizing to look away. It sucks you in with it’s promise of utter gaming glory that can only be compared with ice cream and sunshine.

The only complaint about Portal 1 was its length. Some figured it was to short. Personally I thought it was just right. It was a game so enticing that it left you wanting more, and more is what you got!

Earlier this year, Portal 2 was released. In this game, you didn’t only have the single player story, but as an extra bonus you get a Co-op story as well. I’d compare this game to hours on hours of love making that doesn’t end in disappointment and cab fare. It wants to cuddle with you too! I bought the game for the Ps3 system, on my way home I was trying to hold down my excitement (remember what I told you about hype? Yea, kept that bitch on a downlow!).

Let me cut to the chase. No, it wasn’t as good as the first one, because the first one exceeded expectations. This one had a lot of expectation to achieve greatness the same as it’s hot cousin! The differences is not as much the game play. It is the same standard concept as previously with a few more variants. You point your white ray gun looking thing there, make a portal, jump trough it, pray that you wont die. Which is lovely, it is the concept we fell in love with. The execution of character personality is a bit…different. GladDOS in the first game was mainly Mashine, a murdurus one but still kept it’s lovingly neutral logic throughout the game. In part deux, GlaDOS seemed to have caught a bit of the “emo”.

Sure I can understand why she’d be upset. I mean the protagonist did kill her after all.

Some would say that it’s better this way, that it gives GlaDOS a bit more personality. I liked the cold hard logic humor, it seemed more “real” to me. GlaDOS doesn’t come back in the game till a little bit in, before that you have to deal with your new best friend “Wheatley”.He is a lovable character, till he turns around and tries to kill you as well. This again shows only that what they say is true “do not trust anyone with an accent”. This is the main reason it is hard for me to make friends :c

The gaming is longer, of course. You get a lot of back-story, which I like. Say what you want about this game, but the script is brilliant. You cannot go wrong when you have J.K Simmons voice acting in a game.

Now that we’ve left “The cake is a lie”  behind us, we can now focus on the new quote “How are you? I am a potato”.

Folklore the Demo (PS3)


Right! Folklore! After an uneventful Sunday of sitting and doing absolutely nothing (but some work of course) I fire up ye old PS3 to check up what’s new at the Demo downloading PlayStation market front (also known as DDPMF). I come across various demo’s, but nothing interesting. So I start to download random games and see if anything great happens.

I started with Folklore. Now here folks is something you do not see every day. No voice actors, I am not sure if that remains constant in the “original released” game. It caught me off guard because voice acting has basically dominated the gaming market lately. I had to strain my eyes reading which I haven’t done in a while. I never realized how dependent I’ve become not having to read. Serves me right now having a headache at the moment because of it.

2Ellie is a student of some sort (Don’t ask me to much, the font on the game really strained my eyes). She receives a letter from her dead mother to come to Ireland. You heard me, dead mom writes letters nowadays. You never get rid of them.  Anywho, she arrives at this Irish called Doolin (instead of Dublin). There she finds her dead mother standing by a cliff ready to die again. So she jumps. Out of no where this guy shows up. Talking about how he recieved a prank call from someone talking about fearys would Kill her. (also mind you that the irish fearys are different from the American, Fairys. While fairys are little woodland earthloving hippies with wings, fearys are dead/undead spirits, magical creatures that linger about, or alway have been lingering about. Let’s just say that you woul;d love a visit froma  fairy, but not a feary.





After a brief conversation with this mysterious person. terribly torn (and probably somewhat terribly confused) she runs down towards the beach to find her splattered mother. Ofcourse when she comes there, she finds nothing. Instead she passes out and wakes up in a house where someone tells her to head to the bar.  Like any responsible grieving person, she obliges after watching her mother die twice, how much worse count it get? In the bar itself she finds a bunch of fearys (the Irish definishion). Little creatures that live and yet are not dead, they come in all shapes and sizes. They keep refering you to find the Scarecrow. He will take you to the Netherlands (afterlife) to find your mother. 1

You’ll find him and he takes you to the gates that lead to the Netherworld. While in the Netherworld you’ll learn that you can only visit this world once a year. And there are other realms to explore based on humans vision of afterlife. You learn also that the cloak you’ve received can grab fearys abilities in combat. This is a very interesting combatsystem, imagen a advanced looking pokemon arena. It’s kind of like that, you knock enemys senseless and then grab their abilities (and them) to fight and do your various battles. the mechanics can seem very confusing but after a few goes at the fearys, you’ll get the hang of it. It is also a very graphically pleasing game. So if you want to pick it up, try the demo first, it is worth the download.


After all, who can resist fearys that look like this?




You have to admit, they do have a bit of the “where the wild things are” charm to them.

PAL cover art

Developer(s) Game Republic
Publisher(s) SCEI
Designer(s) Yoshiki Okamoto
Aspect ratio 480p
Version 1.10
Platform(s) PlayStation 3
Release date(s) JP June 21, 2007
NA October 9, 2007[1]
EU October 10, 2007
AUS October 18, 2007[2]
Genre(s) Action-adventure
Action RPG
Mode(s) Single-player
Rating(s) ESRB: Teen
PEGI: 12+
Media BD-ROM
Input methods Gamepad