Dragged into a 3D world

I haven’t always been the best spokes person for 3D technology that is available today. I’ve always nagged that “my eyes hurt” and I get dizzy etc. I’ve had a slight change of heart lately.

I’ve recently moved back home to Sweden and found myself without a TV for over a month. It was pretty disastrous. No way to play any video games and definitely no way to watch movies.  My husband and I went to a TV store and came home with a 3D TV. Our first movie that we watched with my mother was Tangled 3D. To see my mothers expression and enthusiasm for 3D technology, it gave me a change of heart. It is entertainment after all and for my mother, it was a very wonderful experience. Maybe I’ve been to spoiled to the point that very little impresses me nowadays.

Valentines day was just around the corner and while on the train, we noticed an interesting piece of journalism in todays Metro. There was a column about how woman don’t want chocolate and flowers for that special lovey dovey day. I joked with my husband that I wanted a Nintedo 3DS. Believe you me that when Valetines day arrived I was holding a Nintendo 3DS. Rayman came with the package and of course, I was loving it.

After playing it for an hour, my eyes started to get a bit tired, so I decided to check out what features the darned thing has to offer. Well to my surprise I could record 3D videos! Also take 3D Pictures! All my content is being saved on an SD card which makes transferring data a lot easier the I thought.

I do not go out without my 3Ds anymore, it’s with me as I travel and even when I go grossery shopping with my mother.

When you get a 3DS game though, I suggest you start with Mario 3D. Rayman has a bit more story to it, but it gets boring really quick. I think the game, or first movie in 3D will give you a lasting impression, so make it a good one.

Also, one thing I’ve noticed here in Sweden. Almost every store I’ve been to has sold out their Skylanders. Isn’t that odd? Good thing I bought almost all of them when I was in America. You cannot find them anywhere here. If you are a Swedish parent looking for Skylanders, do not go to a gaming store, go to a store like ICA or City gross, that is where you’ll find them.

To end this blog post, let me present you with our ACTA protest image!

Our flag made a statement and the statement was, FU ACTA!

2012-02-13_1756.png (630×344)

What the heck is a “skylander?”

skylanders_spyro_adventure.jpeg (799×471)

I don’t know if you guys make random visits to Toys r us. I am one of those people who do not have any kids yet, who actually do stop by on occasion to check out the latest awesome toys! For several weeks my husband kim and I have been spotting small tables containing cute little figures! They look like this!

skylander_2.jpg (1000×245)

We decided to pick these guys up, along with the game for PS3 (xbox360, ds and Wii versions are also available)

The game also comes with a platform. There are several characters available for purchase with different abilities. We turned on the game along with the platform, the first thing we did was place a character on the platform. The character then appears in the game itself! My first through was that this would be awesome when playing pokemon!

Anywho, the story is well written and it also has great in game character personalities. The dialog are entertaining and not at all annoying. The villain in this world “skylands” is voiced by non other than Space invader Zim himself! We go by a pool of water that we cannot cross, what we do is that we switch our Dragon creature for the fish one and voilah! We cross water!

We haven’t played much yet, maybe two hours, but we are entirely intrigued!

This game and technology shows much promise! I’ll keep you posted!

Activision, you’ve done it again!