Mabion Reviews East India Companies

Arr mateys!

Let me tell you about the game East India Companies directors cut!

I was expecting high seas giant battles rare trading and exotic ports, and what did i get? I got great boredom, giant headaches, rare revulsion and exotic angry. Yes a game actually made me angry, a rare feat indeed.

I tried to like it, I hopped into the game with high expectations and really really wanted to play the game. Always enjoyed pirate movies and played a couple of games in that genre I thought i could get into this.

Already in the tutorial I was thrown off.

Graphics are mediocre, game play is confusing, boring and I could not really get into the game. Maybe it was that in the tutorial I had to take down a Swedish ship, coming from Sweden myself I felt like hey, why the swedes? What have they ever done to you Englishmen (tutorial chose Englishmen as company to try out), bully the Danes instead.

They were the ones that attacked you and occupied you during the viking age.I still killed the swedes after I figured out how to get my men to fire, didn’t see that default setting when attacking was to not attack. so while it took 15 min to get to the ship in full speed and full sails, as I got in position and I was ready to fire. Finally, I was thinking to myself Cool kill kill kill!!

.. but nothing happened. I searched feverishly to find the fire button, all in vain mind you! I was more like, what the hell. A while later it finally revealed itself! A Glorious shoot at will toggle, that was a tiny button that only come up when you have your main ship highlighted.

Anyway, I finished the tutorial and started my campaign. Let’s trade I thought, I got one ship and headed for India… and I was the first player there too, [B]happy times[!!/B] Now what can I buy?

There was a lot of spices so let’s click on buy… lets click on buy… LETS CLICK ON BUY!!!

I got the money and I got an empty ship but for some reason I can’t buy wares to take back to the home port. Maybe I need to conquer the place. I arranged an attack with my other ship, it took many in game months to get there but as it arrived, I went loose and continued till the place was mine! Yay!
I have an Indian town, now to buy my wares.

I clicked to buy… I CLICKED TO BUY!!! I can’t even buy from my own people.
OK, since I lost my fighting fleet to the city in order to keep it I built a new one and some more trading ships.

They all look the same  And I do not mean that in a racist way!

Checked out my warehouse and bought everything to later sell to other country’s. How do I put it on my new ships? It seemed that if you buy it, it doesn’t go to a place to put it on your ships, no it just sits there. When I finally got some wares on a ship, I took the ship to the nearest port that trades and tried to sell… and if you read this far you probably know were this is going, nowhere was there a way for me to sell my stuff.
At this point I said bonker this and shut down the game.
Maybe I don’t have patience with this type of games or maybe it just doesn’t deliver on it’s category, but I will not play it anymore. If you’re in to real time strategy and time consuming trading games, this might be something for you, rest of you out there… don’t bother.

The game is made by Finnish company Nitro Games and Paradox Interactive is the publisher. It was released the 31 June 2009 so it has been out a wile. The game probably will be gone and never heard of in a not to far future and according to me it will not be missed.

Now were is my old Pirates game for Amiga…

Other opinions:

As a fan of naval wargames, historical strategy and economic management games, Paradox Interactive’s recent East India Company seems custom made for my enjoyment. – IGN

The game itself can sometimes be pretty confusing to people, especially to new players, and even more so to people who are new at real time strategy games. This game would be almost impossible to learn without the tutorials.

The graphics in East India Company did not impress me at all. They were ok at times, peaking during cutscenes. The port views of the game were better than the look of the main view. –

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