Wizard World Comic Convention Day 1

It was a long trip from Neenah, Wisconsin to Chicago today. Mabion and I woke up early. We packed our bags the night before because we knew we would forget something if we didn’t. It’s one of those “pre event jitters” that almost have you paralyzed. I will honestly say that I was very nervous, still am a little bit.

There are so many to talk to and so much to see. I want to do my best in terms of delivering a coverage that will be both intriguing and fun! Because that is why we do these things.

We arrived a bit later in the day, about half an hour late to Chicago then anticipated. We literally threw our bags into the room, grabbed what we considered important and made our way to the event. Woe me did I realize that I forgot my recording equipment. So we ended up using our cellphone. There was no time for food or a much needed nap. I started to feel sleep deprived but hoped that it wouldn’t show.

Despite being tired and hungry, the excitement was overwhelming. Once I started to see people who were walking and carrying their comic book collections to be signed, my heart jumped with glee.

“These are my people!” We got our press passes without any delays and the PR person, mr Jerry Milani, was kind enough to answer any questions we might have. Rest to say we felt very much welcomed! Now Then! Off to the floor and some fun pictures!

I was looking for a Deadpool, which has since a while back, been one of my favorite Marvel heroes(?). I love his sense of humor and the insanity that makes him a fantastic character. Face it, you can do anything involving him and it will always make the story more interesting.

It doesn’t matter that he is absolutely hideous. All that matters is that his insanity makes me feel quite normal. This Deadpool is the only one I’ve found so far. He is a bit on the thin side but it was still a great representation of the costume. Now some pictures will appear blurry, we apologize about that. We are not sure what is up with our camera, we will have it taken care of by tomorrow.

This Deadpool unfortunately ran away before we were able to ask  him to pose for a picture. I think I was busy tending to something else and my photographer Mabion, was making sure to stay close . Like a real life superhero (insert, awwwwwwww here).

What is a Comic book convention without our friendly neighbor hood comic book guys? These fine gentle men were quick to assist in Mabions eternal search of comics that leave an empty gaping space in his massive collection. Honestly, everyone were so friendly and so accommodating. The atmosphere in itself was intoxicating. There was one little cosplayer (I think that is the term) in particular that caught my attention. A little girl dressed up as Captain America. She was absolutely adorable. We have many artist and authors that we hope to interview the upcoming days. Today was mostly spent looking around and familiarizing ourselves with who everyone was and were we could find them. We didn’t expect anyone to be signing anything today. Boy were we wrong. Entirely caught of guard, we met Peter S. Beagle ( The author of “The last unicorn”) and his wonderfully charming Lackey Connor Cochran. We have an entire interview for you guys that we will post as soon as we’ve finished writing it.

Also there was the one guy you really do not want to piss off, the Hulk himself, Mr Lou Ferrignowho graciously gave us a smile as we took his picture. He was signing autographs while talking to his fans and by the looks of it, having a great time!

It is always wonderful to see him on these events. It’s like a familiar face. I met him the first time during the Sci fi exhibit in Malmo, Sweden.  Further down in the signing isle was a cute looking girl called Bonnie Piesse (Actress – Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith; Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones). We were able to snap a picture of her pretty smile. She looked so young. It is perplexing that you can see someone in a film and they seem so adult and so grown up, yet when you see them in person, they are so tiny and young looking. The way she looked, I would’ve guessed she is about the same age as my youngest baby sister.

We carried on with our little adventure to find more wonderful people in the artist/author section. There were so many talents that is was hard to figure out who to talk to first. It’s a really good thing we have several days left so we might be able to get a decent amount of people to talk too.

One person we did manage to talk to was Onrie Kompan. Author of Yi soon shin. He gracefully signed his comic for us and posed for a picture. I am looking forward to reading his work tonight.

At least if I ever manage to finish all the writings that I like to do. One thing I’ve noticed a lot at this years Comic con, is the increasing popularity of Zombies! Come on! Really?! Zombies are one of my greatest fears. I cannot stand them and they make my palms sweat. I know that they are not real, but I tend to have an overactive imagination. When I was a child, I was exposed to Resident evil and it left me with a Zombie phobia that I have to deal with till this day! I mean, comeon. Zombies singing and dancing? All I imagine is the solo song going “UUURGHHHHH RYUUUU UURGHH brain braaaaaiiin uuurgh”.

Whether I like it or not, I am sure that it will be a hit. After all, it seems that everyone likes Zombies. There is no escape for me. All I can do is find a Zombie fort and hide till the end of days. Very nice guys though, I wish them nothing but the best.

Another interesting thing we saw during this event is super hero balloon animals! Amazing right? They made a life size Captain America out of balloons! I was told that it took them 2 hours to make and they weren’t even done yet! Kudos to their persistence! I could never do anything like that. I’ll just stick with nice old fashion pen and paper. 

There is also something about balloons that make my teeth hurt. I don’t really know why. To me it’s like nails on a chalkboard. That is why it is even more admirable to see someone doing this.

You can see the enthusiasm in this photograph and the life size Captain America in the background.

It is experiences like this that makes the entire experience pleasurable.

There are so many more photos we’d like to share with you and so much more words we want to give to you. It is however, getting very late. Mabion and I are way past our bedtime. We will continue writing tomorrow and sharing our experiences with you. So you can partake in this event from the comfort of your home. Hopefully we will be able to bring you as much of the experience as we can.

Till tomorrow, expect more wonders!


Very tired and very worn, but extremely happy!

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