The effect of an overactive imagination

My husband Kim and I do love our nightly walks. We haven’t had many of those lately. Mainly because work has been so busy and I have more then my fair share of side projects to do.

Last night he took me out for a walk. It is that time of the year where there is a slight chill in the air. The insane warm weather was gone.

This was the first time in a while since I could enjoy a walk. It’s just been too warm of  a summer that I am glad to see come to an end. For exercise purposes, my husband downloaded an app from the android store called “Zombie! Run!”

Very interesting app. What it does is that it uses your map and let’s you select your destination. Once you’ve done that, get ready to avoid Zombies! On your map now, you have Zombies moving towards you. The only way to beat the game is reach your destination before they get to you.

There are several settings when it comes to the amount of Zombies and their speed. We started on the lowest of the low. Two Zombie shuffling after us at a speed of 2-5 miles an hour. Not to bad right?  We did have to pick up the phase to get away from them though.

That I like about this, is that you have to use your imagination. When you walk late at night and you hear a noise in the bushes, or a wind that sweeps by an empty plastic bag, the hair in the back of your neck stands up. You walk faster, because you know, there are Zombies around!

I am very much aware that I have an overactive imagination and I’ve always had a fear of Zombies. This game had me picking up the phase as soon as they were close by. In a few nights, I’ll be wearing comfortable running shoes and go with a higher setting.

If you see a crazed lunatic run while screaming “Zombies!!”, feel free to say hello. I love meeting new people!

Check the App here and enjoy!


zombie.jpg (323×481)

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  1. Cool! I’d like to have that app on my phone lol. I think it would be a perfect jogging mate and imagine myself being chased by zombies around. You have an awesome imagination Anna!

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