The gaming world in peril

As it has always been in the world of business, One giant takes out another in the battle of the fittest. Usually in a capitalistic society there is no room for mediocrity. Only excellence (or the illusion of it anyways) will be victorious. There have been a lot of discussions on how the free market will set things right and that it will fix our financial issue. As long as we do not meddle with it.
Am I the only one that sometimes feel that we refer to the Free market as some sort of higher being?!
The free market did fix it alright. Free gaming available for every household that has access to the intranetz.

Now there is a great battle to be won for the console/gaming industry. To somehow convince poor Joe that lost his job to buy their super expensive games.

It was brought to my attention (thanks miss Irie), that the world of gaming is facing is biggest challenge to date, the profit demon.

While the giants in the gaming industry are busy with their “battle royal”, another type of market have sneaked by unnoticed (the middle child no one cares about).
Free/low cost gaming. Let’s face it, in a failing economy, Obama spring cleaning the white house a’dick(excuse the pundit), we simply cannot afford to cough out 60 bucharoos on the flavor of the month.
We can now somewhat agree I hope that there is a new title that is overly marketed coming out at least once every 3 months. We have 3 major consoles that fight over a limited amount of consumers and our precious money.
For these giants to make money, we need to buy their games, but let’s be honest, who can afford to purchase every new game? I used to but now that my husband left me ( it’s a messy story I am saving for my therapist), It’s kinda a financial roller coaster.
Any who, as the giants fight over the consumer in hope that their title is the one we will purchase, the free/low cost gaming sites are raking in the audience. With their free games and mindless entertainment and did I mention it was for free?

Why did it happen? It’s not that the audience doesn’t have time to game anymore. Au contraire, they have all the time in the world now that their workplace cannot afford to keep them since they’ve moved all production to following places (India/China/Narnia).
this is terrible for the industry however, because now that Mr gamer stud is at home playing games all day, he cannot afford to purchase a recently released/game at full price. So what is he gonna do? The Internet of course is a portal to endless gaming possibilities and nudity (so I’ve heard!).
This is good news for the online gaming sites, because their revenue skyrocket. I do think that we are all aware of the Internet bubble and I do believe that at some point this is going to burst. Before that happens the gaming industry will struggle capturing the gamers empty fly infested wallets.

I cannot really predict how this will end and it’s not like I am encouraging you all to spend your hard earned dollars just to help out the gaming industry. I do offer an elegant solution to the industry however.

1) Merge into Super computer mega gaming hardcore console online tits fun zapp machine INC

2) Bailout, it happens a lot and it seems that taxpayers are more then willing to pay you billions for F%$^ck up!

3) Go download based, reducing production cost and keeping things online based for download will save you a dollar or two.
And if you are thinking of the argument (not everyone have Internet), then you probably never heard of the game anyway.

I only wish the gaming industry the best, but it does seem that they need to budget their money to go against things that are…free.

Now I am going to play a free appz for the Iphone called’s fun and it’s, well….free.

(original inspiration…as-a-baby.html)

We create entertainment because we can’t get layed

During my internet adventures (yes, I call them adventures, because I end up viewing something I didn’t want to see entirely by accident) I came across something really interesting that made me
think “wow, humans are pervs!”

Let’s face it. everything we ever create, develop or plan is not for the best of humanity. We use humanity as an excuse to push our own agendas. Today I saw an interesting title that made me click the link. It was called “New innovation for Perverted PC game with Web cam”.
I do not know what part of me prompted me to push it, most likely it was the perverted curious part (that F$#%CKER always get me into trouble)

What has been invented, ladies and gentleman, Is a webcam that controls what angle you are viewing within the game. What the buzz is predicting that it will MOSTLY be used looking up girls skirts. The shoe mirror has been replaces by a neat webcam. Amazing isn’t it.
We could have presented that technology in so many fantastic ways!

1)New webcam technology will help us understand the volcanic movements better.

2) With the use of a PC-cam, we can now train Doctors from home.

3) Use new technology to experience paris without ever leaving your country!

No, no no no and nooo.
The first thing we hear nowadays about new technology, is when it is something sexual tied to it. I thought we were beyond this. Surely I am not denying that because of nudity the video was developed so people could enjoy T and A at home without being pat on the back by their boss asking for a tissue.

Of course internet developed in rocket speed once the T and A industry realized the promising mullah to be made out of this endeavor. Loads of lonely teens hooking up their 15.5K modem on a Friday night with some lotion and gloves. We’ve come so far now though. We are supposed to present technology with dignity, pride and inspire hope for man kind! Make daddy proud!!

I have always said, what ever kind of habits you have, keep them in your own room/house/apartment/boat.

Anyways, back to the topic. Why do we have to be so sexually orientated?
Is it so hard wired in us to impress the opposite sex/or the need to see them naked at least, that we work so hard on new things, being creative. Hiding behind a glorious goal and a fancy tongue, just to get lucky, or see
some hardcore nudity?

The only thing in my life right at this moment taking stuff off is my Lizard, he is shedding…PERV!

Besides, I am going to plan a great invention that will stun the world, you probably wont hear about it since it will have no sexual ties.
As if I am capable of inventing anything good, hah.

Who watched the watchmen ( I know i didn’t)

This year seems more like a movie year then Gaming year. Think about it.
The halo ship is sinking quick. With the release of Halo wars and various books based on the game, you can tell that the interest for Bungie’s golden calf has declined.
On the other hand, didn’t Bungie say that after Halo 3 that they were done with the halo series? That it was the end of the road? No more?
They should’ve quit while the game was already falling through the cracks of its on buggy pile of glitches.

Halo, GO AWAY! You had your time.
Either way, where was I? Yes, Watchmen. already predicted to be the movie of the year. Based on a graphic Novel, yaddayadda, Anna are you listening? the watch men blah blah blah blah huh?

I am sorry, My man basically had my ears fall of my head and crawl to the closest microwave to end their suffering. I know it is the movie of the year (except for star trek), I know that it’s THE happening.
So for you good people who couldn’t see the movie, here are other free topic to talk about “on the house”.

1) This year has been predicted as being the year of sequels, Loco Roco 2. (good game, buy buy buy buy)

2) Halo 3: ODST (formerly named Halo 3: Recon) “oh god just please go AWAY!!!”
Don’t get to exited about this one, this is a mere expansion pack.

3)X-Men Origins:
Wolverine is an upcoming 2009 action-adventure game developed by Raven Software and Amaze Entertainment and published by Activision. The exclusive preview had its premiere at ComicCon (NYCC). I know, because I was there. I saw it. For a game based on a movie/comic book. It actually was very intense, slice and dice. They put a lot of attention to the details of the creature that is Wolverine.

4)The Sims 3 is an upcoming computer game in the popular and critically acclaimed The Sims franchise, originally created by Maxis and due for release on June 2, 2009 in North America and June 5, 2009 in Europe.
Ok, now who isn’t exited about this one? I predict that this is going to be larger then the release of watchmen. I know because Miss Irie and myself will probably somehow acquire all the copies available in our Cities. Also more simrelated items , MySims Party and MySims racing.

5) Star Craft 2 is being scheduled to release in 2009 by blizzard.
So since this is a trilogy, does it mean that we will have to wait another 10 years for the next one to be released? Fantastic! I can play the waiting game too!

6) Gardening Mama is a gardening simulation-styled minigame compilation video game for the Nintendo DS handheld console.
Alright-o. Next will be “Slapping mama”,” I drink wine during daytime mama” and “where the heck did i put junior , mama”. I have to admit, I do have cooking mama. How terribly depressing isn’t it that a videogame tells me that I cannot cook pasta? The fire damage on the ceiling is already taunting me about that!

7) You know what? I am ending my list here. The cooking mama part just made me to depressed.

Also, here is another interesting point made by our own Miss Irie and I quote
-“Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li Funny stuff somehow Chun-Li is an asian girl grows up to be a white girl, must be that San Francisco weather.”

That’s it, my next editorial will be about streetfighter!

Here, Enjoy a picture I drew of “WATCHMEN”