We create entertainment because we can’t get layed

During my internet adventures (yes, I call them adventures, because I end up viewing something I didn’t want to see entirely by accident) I came across something really interesting that made me
think “wow, humans are pervs!”

Let’s face it. everything we ever create, develop or plan is not for the best of humanity. We use humanity as an excuse to push our own agendas. Today I saw an interesting title that made me click the link. It was called “New innovation for Perverted PC game with Web cam”.
I do not know what part of me prompted me to push it, most likely it was the perverted curious part (that F$#%CKER always get me into trouble)

What has been invented, ladies and gentleman, Is a webcam that controls what angle you are viewing within the game. What the buzz is predicting that it will MOSTLY be used looking up girls skirts. The shoe mirror has been replaces by a neat webcam. Amazing isn’t it.
We could have presented that technology in so many fantastic ways!

1)New webcam technology will help us understand the volcanic movements better.

2) With the use of a PC-cam, we can now train Doctors from home.

3) Use new technology to experience paris without ever leaving your country!

No, no no no and nooo.
The first thing we hear nowadays about new technology, is when it is something sexual tied to it. I thought we were beyond this. Surely I am not denying that because of nudity the video was developed so people could enjoy T and A at home without being pat on the back by their boss asking for a tissue.

Of course internet developed in rocket speed once the T and A industry realized the promising mullah to be made out of this endeavor. Loads of lonely teens hooking up their 15.5K modem on a Friday night with some lotion and gloves. We’ve come so far now though. We are supposed to present technology with dignity, pride and inspire hope for man kind! Make daddy proud!!

I have always said, what ever kind of habits you have, keep them in your own room/house/apartment/boat.

Anyways, back to the topic. Why do we have to be so sexually orientated?
Is it so hard wired in us to impress the opposite sex/or the need to see them naked at least, that we work so hard on new things, being creative. Hiding behind a glorious goal and a fancy tongue, just to get lucky, or see
some hardcore nudity?

The only thing in my life right at this moment taking stuff off is my Lizard, he is shedding…PERV!

Besides, I am going to plan a great invention that will stun the world, you probably wont hear about it since it will have no sexual ties.
As if I am capable of inventing anything good, hah.

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