Dragged into a 3D world

I haven’t always been the best spokes person for 3D technology that is available today. I’ve always nagged that “my eyes hurt” and I get dizzy etc. I’ve had a slight change of heart lately.

I’ve recently moved back home to Sweden and found myself without a TV for over a month. It was pretty disastrous. No way to play any video games and definitely no way to watch movies.  My husband and I went to a TV store and came home with a 3D TV. Our first movie that we watched with my mother was Tangled 3D. To see my mothers expression and enthusiasm for 3D technology, it gave me a change of heart. It is entertainment after all and for my mother, it was a very wonderful experience. Maybe I’ve been to spoiled to the point that very little impresses me nowadays.

Valentines day was just around the corner and while on the train, we noticed an interesting piece of journalism in todays Metro. There was a column about how woman don’t want chocolate and flowers for that special lovey dovey day. I joked with my husband that I wanted a Nintedo 3DS. Believe you me that when Valetines day arrived I was holding a Nintendo 3DS. Rayman came with the package and of course, I was loving it.

After playing it for an hour, my eyes started to get a bit tired, so I decided to check out what features the darned thing has to offer. Well to my surprise I could record 3D videos! Also take 3D Pictures! All my content is being saved on an SD card which makes transferring data a lot easier the I thought.

I do not go out without my 3Ds anymore, it’s with me as I travel and even when I go grossery shopping with my mother.

When you get a 3DS game though, I suggest you start with Mario 3D. Rayman has a bit more story to it, but it gets boring really quick. I think the game, or first movie in 3D will give you a lasting impression, so make it a good one.

Also, one thing I’ve noticed here in Sweden. Almost every store I’ve been to has sold out their Skylanders. Isn’t that odd? Good thing I bought almost all of them when I was in America. You cannot find them anywhere here. If you are a Swedish parent looking for Skylanders, do not go to a gaming store, go to a store like ICA or City gross, that is where you’ll find them.

To end this blog post, let me present you with our ACTA protest image!

Our flag made a statement and the statement was, FU ACTA!

2012-02-13_1756.png (630×344)

Victory over SOPA, ACTA gets the spotlight

It seems like one cannot turn around without being hit with more bad news about internet censorship. I’ve also noticed that I am not always the right person to explain why it is important to go against such laws.

So please take a moment of your day and watch this video:

I also urge you to join a local protest.

I will be attending one in Helsingborg, Sweden on the11th of February.

Many of you who know me personally, you all know that I spend a lot of money on music and movies. I think there are other ways to deal with piracy. As an artist, this will be devastating to creative freedom. Not only that, it would be near impossible to write personal blogs. 

Please help stop ACTA


On a lighter note, I’ve been doing some classic 2D graphic. Thank you Jonathan for always sending me a challenge!

2012-02-03_0616.png (253×297)

Have a good day my friends!

Let’s all work for a better tomorrow, tomorrow!


What are you doing internet?

The net is buzzing like crazy around the word SOPA, aka Stop online piracy act. The net is calling it the “internet killer”, which in some sense it is. It will restrict using intelligent property and every ISP would be responsible for the content that private persons put up.  I don’t know about you, but I feel things are only getting worse, and they will get downright nasty.

I pull my hair out daily while asking myself  “if everyone is so unhappy with how things are, why are these representatives getting elected”. It’s like someone said, “you voted for us and you KNEW what you were getting, now you are whining because we are doing what you wanted us to do?”.


It is getting to the point of ridiculous and if you ask why, all you get is “well there isn’t anything you can do about it anyway!”

Isn’t there?

I can count several things one could do but people seem to busy focusing on their own lives and their own problems that they do not have any energy to do anything about it. And those who try to do something about it, get called lazy. It’s like the old saying goes, if you aren’t willing to fight for your rights, then you are not worthy of having them in the first place.


We see a generation growing up with total disregard to what our grandparents and parents fought for.

“Sure they can wiretap my phone, I have nothing to hide”. It is not about having something to hide, it is about having the right to express yourself without being held accountable for every single word you say. I know that it’s hard to accept what some people say, feel or think, but the alternative leads to censorship. When you start to censor one statement, others will follow suit, till you cannot say anything in the risk of offending someone.

We are 7 billion people on this planet that try to get a long, we offend each other every day. Only jerks act violently towards those who express themselves and only cowards stay silent.

If you let SOPA pass or anything you do not agree with, without a fight, then you’ve remained silent and are therefor deemed a coward.

Read about SOPA