Victory over SOPA, ACTA gets the spotlight

It seems like one cannot turn around without being hit with more bad news about internet censorship. I’ve also noticed that I am not always the right person to explain why it is important to go against such laws.

So please take a moment of your day and watch this video:

I also urge you to join a local protest.

I will be attending one in Helsingborg, Sweden on the11th of February.

Many of you who know me personally, you all know that I spend a lot of money on music and movies. I think there are other ways to deal with piracy. As an artist, this will be devastating to creative freedom. Not only that, it would be near impossible to write personal blogs. 

Please help stop ACTA


On a lighter note, I’ve been doing some classic 2D graphic. Thank you Jonathan for always sending me a challenge!

2012-02-03_0616.png (253×297)

Have a good day my friends!

Let’s all work for a better tomorrow, tomorrow!


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