Evil Dead:pool! Hail to the king baby

After a fun weekend of watching all 3 Evil dead movies, I got inspired.

I’ve always wanted to paint an oil painting of Deadpool but always seem to lack time. This time around, there was so stopping me, I worked mainly at evening/night time. There has been very little sleep the last 3 days! I think it was all worth the effort and present to you know.

Evil Dead:pool! Hail to the king baby! (featuring Outlaw)


There are still some minor adjustments to do, but this is the jiff of it! I hope you enjoyed the painting process 😀


Slow Week

I know that this week I’ve been very slow on posting. Mainly because I’ve been pre occupied with several artistic projects. (outside my regular job btw)

First off was my sister in laws new Tattoo:

I know, it’s a bit on the “non cute” side, but hey, a true art enthusiast branches out right?

Second major project is a family portrait for my bestest friend Ana. Her birthday is coming up this Sunday, so what I’ve planned to do is a portrait. Plan and plan, it is already on the way.

Here is a preview on how the work progressed and is progressing.

When it comes to portraits, I usually make them in one color shade and highlight map before adding in oil, it’s usually less of a hassle and since you got it good once, you can get it good in oil as well. The initial step is usually made in acrylic mainly because it dries fast and you can with ease correct a mistake. Oil takes day to dry and hence a mistake would be more time consuming.

Second step is that I color code the background, There is nothing more annoying then a piece of canvas that hasn’t had a pigment put on it.

Last step! OIL!

It’s far from done, but I do have a few more days before the birthday deadline!

My friend Ana loves sockmonkeys, that is why there is one in the right hand corner.

I am trying to figure out what her husbands eyecolor is. I can’t figure out what her husbands eye color is. I know, I am terrible. I just never really taught about it.

Anywho, back to work!

Edit: Finished

Calling all people with a Camera

Hey dudes!
Do I have a suggestion for you!

Here is my dilemma. I have this idea that I want to make a reality. I always like to create new things and new types of art and after watching Roger Rabbit, I got inspired!

I want to create art on photos, like this:

The only issue is that I am not a good photographer and I don’t have equipment to take remotely decent photos!  My brother has recently gotten a camera and has agreed to help me out “YAY”. Even so, I would like multiple styles of photography involved in this little artistic endeavor! What I will need are photos taken of a person or people in action. Like person (A) is talking to person (B) except that on the photo person (B) wont exist. Instead I will draw in a horse, or a cartoony type person.

Another idea would be ideal with those of you who have children. Imagine a photo of your little girl/boy surrounded by a enchanted Forrest or laughing at a puppy wearing a funny hat (again , that will be all hand drawn cartoonish in nature).

Or if you are a  barhopper, you can take a picture of a person drinking on his own and I’ll draw a crowed to make you seem less pathetic. 🙂

This is a mutual project which both will be claimed ownership and both of us will be able to use the image for commercial purpose. I need high resolution (really high resolution) Photos, where the object/person is in focus and sharp. If you have any suggestions on images then I am all ears. I would like to work with as many various personalities as possible.

I cannot guarantee that yours will be selected. It all depends on the quality and the work ability with the photo. Angle and idea.

And no, not everything has to be cute, we can totally make something macabre as well, as I mentioned earlier, I am open for suggestions and ideas. It will be a mutual work of art.

However I would appreciate if some of you tried to take some good pictures for me to use, I think this can be a mutual fun experience 🙂

This is an OOOLD example that I made:

I will need better resolution than that. A lot better…

But I think you understand the concept.  The ones I had in mind are more elaborate then this one.



Here is the first picture made 🙂