Evil facebook games!

Look, I am sure that there are more people than myself who get a whole box full of gaming requests on facebook. It annoys a lot of people beyond belief. It doesn’t annoy me at all as a matter of fact. Maybe I like it that my friend’s game and sending me request is proof of that. It’s an every changing cultural phenomenon that one would be an idiot to ignore its success. Facebook is massive and have so many uses, from planning party events, to stalking your X significant other.

I play games, mainly Simcity and Sims Social. My wonderful sister from another mister kept sending me requests so I’d figure, why not?

My thought process by then was “Why does she play this dumbed down version when she has the entire Sims collection for her PC?”

Well I got the answer to my question. It’s addictive and constantly evolving. EA creates new quests for your Sim to do to the point where it’s impossible to complete them all! You get to visit your friends and put a social label on the entire Sims franchise. You can also have them visit you which works out better if you have nicer items.

I think having to buy a game and then continuing to buy expansions for said game is ridiculous. Also, for a while I sold my bed and had to crash at miss Iries sims place. Forced slumber party anyone? Your sim can also create relationships and send requests for the Sims relationship to grow from good friends to inspired BFF’s!

So, my conclusion is that, facebook games are easy. They are a better waste of time then reading updates from people who do nothing other then complain.

The only thing that really annoys me is when the items you send out and request is malfunctioning.



Dragged into a 3D world

I haven’t always been the best spokes person for 3D technology that is available today. I’ve always nagged that “my eyes hurt” and I get dizzy etc. I’ve had a slight change of heart lately.

I’ve recently moved back home to Sweden and found myself without a TV for over a month. It was pretty disastrous. No way to play any video games and definitely no way to watch movies.  My husband and I went to a TV store and came home with a 3D TV. Our first movie that we watched with my mother was Tangled 3D. To see my mothers expression and enthusiasm for 3D technology, it gave me a change of heart. It is entertainment after all and for my mother, it was a very wonderful experience. Maybe I’ve been to spoiled to the point that very little impresses me nowadays.

Valentines day was just around the corner and while on the train, we noticed an interesting piece of journalism in todays Metro. There was a column about how woman don’t want chocolate and flowers for that special lovey dovey day. I joked with my husband that I wanted a Nintedo 3DS. Believe you me that when Valetines day arrived I was holding a Nintendo 3DS. Rayman came with the package and of course, I was loving it.

After playing it for an hour, my eyes started to get a bit tired, so I decided to check out what features the darned thing has to offer. Well to my surprise I could record 3D videos! Also take 3D Pictures! All my content is being saved on an SD card which makes transferring data a lot easier the I thought.

I do not go out without my 3Ds anymore, it’s with me as I travel and even when I go grossery shopping with my mother.

When you get a 3DS game though, I suggest you start with Mario 3D. Rayman has a bit more story to it, but it gets boring really quick. I think the game, or first movie in 3D will give you a lasting impression, so make it a good one.

Also, one thing I’ve noticed here in Sweden. Almost every store I’ve been to has sold out their Skylanders. Isn’t that odd? Good thing I bought almost all of them when I was in America. You cannot find them anywhere here. If you are a Swedish parent looking for Skylanders, do not go to a gaming store, go to a store like ICA or City gross, that is where you’ll find them.

To end this blog post, let me present you with our ACTA protest image!

Our flag made a statement and the statement was, FU ACTA!

2012-02-13_1756.png (630×344)

Portal 2 didn’t disappoint

It is surprising when a game you never thought would could be outmatched, did very well in following the footsteps of its delicious looking cousin.

When the Orange box was released, no one knew the impact Portal would have on our gaming culture. I guess it is true what they say, when you do not expect much, you are less likely to be disappointed.  This is why I try to avoid hype as much as possible.

Some games are marketed and hyped so heavily that you end up expecting a platypus giving birth to a Rhino. Disturbing but to memorizing to look away. It sucks you in with it’s promise of utter gaming glory that can only be compared with ice cream and sunshine.

The only complaint about Portal 1 was its length. Some figured it was to short. Personally I thought it was just right. It was a game so enticing that it left you wanting more, and more is what you got!

Earlier this year, Portal 2 was released. In this game, you didn’t only have the single player story, but as an extra bonus you get a Co-op story as well. I’d compare this game to hours on hours of love making that doesn’t end in disappointment and cab fare. It wants to cuddle with you too! I bought the game for the Ps3 system, on my way home I was trying to hold down my excitement (remember what I told you about hype? Yea, kept that bitch on a downlow!).

Let me cut to the chase. No, it wasn’t as good as the first one, because the first one exceeded expectations. This one had a lot of expectation to achieve greatness the same as it’s hot cousin! The differences is not as much the game play. It is the same standard concept as previously with a few more variants. You point your white ray gun looking thing there, make a portal, jump trough it, pray that you wont die. Which is lovely, it is the concept we fell in love with. The execution of character personality is a bit…different. GladDOS in the first game was mainly Mashine, a murdurus one but still kept it’s lovingly neutral logic throughout the game. In part deux, GlaDOS seemed to have caught a bit of the “emo”.

Sure I can understand why she’d be upset. I mean the protagonist did kill her after all.

Some would say that it’s better this way, that it gives GlaDOS a bit more personality. I liked the cold hard logic humor, it seemed more “real” to me. GlaDOS doesn’t come back in the game till a little bit in, before that you have to deal with your new best friend “Wheatley”.He is a lovable character, till he turns around and tries to kill you as well. This again shows only that what they say is true “do not trust anyone with an accent”. This is the main reason it is hard for me to make friends :c

The gaming is longer, of course. You get a lot of back-story, which I like. Say what you want about this game, but the script is brilliant. You cannot go wrong when you have J.K Simmons voice acting in a game.

Now that we’ve left “The cake is a lie”  behind us, we can now focus on the new quote “How are you? I am a potato”.