Preserve the old games

After an interesting interview with Andy from RIT, I have been pondering about the fierce battle about old game preservation. The gaming days are changing and it’s bringing with it new type of games, new technologies and the old super games are being left behind. I remember the old days of gaming, where there wasn’t a chance in heck to save a game. The only time you had the possibility to save your game was after you finished it.

The saving possibility is only one of the few changes we’ve experienced in the last few gaming generations.
I remember playing so much I wore out a few controllers in the process, simply because I am a very stubborn person. If I did on the last level without a possibility to save, dang right I was going to go for it again and spend another 6 hours trying to reach that very last level. With the possibility to practically save our progress anywhere we want while playing a game, has it made us lazy? I think for me, personally, it has made me somewhat lazy. Back in the days when playing super mario bro’s, I played it over and over that I today can still finish the game within 15 minutes. When it comes to other games, I just play them, and I’ve become very careless in my gameplay. I run n’ gun my way through without worrying that my lifebar is very low. why should I worry? If i die I can just pick up at my last save point.

Either way, preserving old games is the topic. Now it may sound like “save the rain forest” propaganda, but I believe that those games that touched us as children, can still do it today in this day and age. Those old type games might not have had the technology and great advancements that the new age games have today. They had heart non the less. With their limited technology, they had to make sure that the base was sound to attract gamers. They still do. Gametap is a great example. It is popular for a reason. offers a variety of oldschool games. Now if those old games are obsolete, then why sites that offer old school games so popular? You rarely come accross a game today that moves you heart deep. Technology is not everything in my opinion. What matters to me is how the game makes me feel. If it amuses me, makes me sad, happy and so forth.

Now I am not saying that all of the new games lack heart. I am simply saying that several seems to lack it. Technology always had the impressive effect to its advantage, but I believe is time to take it a step further.
I would like to see a secret of Mana remake (an example of a wonderful game with heart). The technology with the story and basic gameplay would work! I would buy it, not because I am a fan, but because that game would be perfection to me. A great example of an old school RPG and technology development is Suikoden. When the 3D version game out for the PS2, I had my doubts, but they did a wonderful job in preserving the basics of the game that moved so many people and yet applied the technology that could attract a new audience.

Another technology that preserves old school games are cellphones. Cellphones so far have enough technology to be able to accommodate an old school game. Cell phones with a vast young audience, will learn to appreciate the old type gaming styles and in the further will be able to cross reference old and new. Now If there was a possibility to download suikoden om my cellphone, I’d go nuts! I’d buy a cell phone just for that reason.

So we have and we have cellphone, what more possible ways are there to preserve old school games?

One Idea I was thinking about, since alot of handheld’s today support internet possibilities, why not create a little (all in one type handheld). We have IPODS and MP3 players to have music and music only. We have instruments that support downloading of videos. Well why can’t we have a little handheld that is engineered to accommodate those old school games? It might not be the best idea in the world but hey, if you make it, I’ll buy it. Of course it is going to be hard to get the license to publish all those thousands of games created in the old days. In all honesty, I don’t think the creators of those games would mind letting the person who creates this buy a license. Investors and media investment companies will take care of development and marketing. So there, one idea that could help preserving the old games.

One thing that I’ve been thinking of, that is somewhat of a philosophical nature, “If old games are obsolete in today’s society, then why is there still a need for them?”. Is it because old of tarts like me that cannot get passed the joy they brought me when I was young?

I wish for only one thing, that as technological advances stride forward, that there still will be that “heart” factor that used to be in the past. Gaming is becoming more and more mainstream, I think there is a whole new generation of gamers and developers that are inspired by those old games, I think we are going to see an arsenal of games with graphic superiority, awesome gameplay and heart.

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