What is luv?


What is love?

This is a very difficult question. Love can be explained through biological terms. Yes I know, it’s a cheesy subject but today I just felt that I needed to write about it. Love is belonging, jealousy, need, wanting, longing, and all those poetic terms. It is also a partnership and understanding in which how I as a woman work and how my partner works.

It is differences that define us and common ground in which we build our morality and personalities. It is going to sleep at night knowing you are safe and needed as well as it is waking up, gaining strength to face the unknown.

I consider myself extremely lucky. I am going to be married to my best friend. Someone that knows me better then I do sometimes. it is very rare that you feel that connection with someone. We’ve been living together for almost a year here soon and it is never tiresome. Our lives are filled with responsibilities and yet there is always fun for play and adventure. Could I’ve asked for something better? I don’t know, because what I have is perfect. I will be grateful every day of my life.  Every moment of my day.

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