Today is saturday. Yesterday, Kim and I were so exited that we would finally have a whole weekend today. Kim works as a security guard and his work usually requires him to work evenings and weekends. Fantastic huh? After celebrating playing WoW (obviously I was the main course) and eating some Zza, enjoying some Star trek marathon (perfect evening), we head to sleep. We were waken up this morning by his cellphone ringing. It was his work. Obviously someone in the main office messed up so let’s just say that an hour after they called, he had to go to work and be gone all day late into the evening.

It is very fustrating the way things are. I work Monday-Friday, he has usually Monday-Tuesday off. So you can imaged that days where we can plan anything comes once in a while and is a rarity. We had saturday planned to go on our 4 hour walks, but I guess that isn’t going to happen now is it? I am going to spend my saturday working  (again), because let’s be honest, there isn’t anything else to do. You’ve heard me! I live in New York and there is nothing to do really. I don’t like doing things on my own. So let’s cheer for a productive Saturday, asking to have a life is to much I guess.

Please enjoy this glamorous picture of my character being cooked and eaten by a very hungry Female version of mr Kim.

Also, for you guys who have their man at home during the weekends, count yourself to be very lucky, I’d do anything to be able to just spend a weekend with mine.

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