I am exited about something!


While Mr Kim is playing Condemned for the 360 (as illustrated in the photo above), I was sitting behind him reading gameinformer.

I am sure this fact surprises you a lot. What? Anna knows how to read? Yes! I do! Any who, back to the point. As I was enjoying my evening of relaxing I came across an article about Playstation releasing a new type of “pet game”. It is very interesting indeed! Enough that it got me exited enough to mention it to Mr Kim while he was getting his “tooshie” handed to him by hobos. The virtual sensation is called Eyepet. It uses the Playstation camera to situate you in an environment where you can digitally “play” with a pet. How cool is that?

One answer. Very cool! I for one got very exited by this next leap into digital entertainment. I know alot of people seems very anti into the motion sensor technology. Sometimes the latest isn’t always “the best”. What I do expect though is that plenty of parents will be happy not to give Goldie the goldfish a weekly burrial in the family toilet. You want a pet? Here! Take care of a virtual one first and then we will discuss wether or not you are not to much like your father to deal with actual living things.

Alright, that was an insensitive remark, my intentions were not those to insult all world fathers, but let’s be frank, it takes more to be a parent than to constantly say “ask your mother”. So yes, I am eagerly awaiting and with anticipation I haven’t felt in a long time, will welcome this game into my home!

On other news, Kim finally beat Arkham asylum: Batman. Also finished all side questing involved. I am a very proud woman today. It’s never easy for a PC gamer to a just to console gaming. Well done babe!


  1. Haha! Hobos! 😛

    On the subject of digital pets; I don’t know if the kid will get the same connection between action and consequence if it doesn’t tend to the pet properly and it get’s sick. Or if it develops the same emotional connection… Kids are to far removed from the real world around them as it is. The world with trees and meat that walks around on hooves and stuff 😉

    1. For some reason, kids that get emotional connection to living things treat them as well or as bad as digital things. How many times don’t you hear about a child wanting a pet ending up with either parents taking responsibility of it, or it just blankly rolls over and dies? 🙂
      I have this feeling that children sometimes don’t have the separation between life and digital. I’ve seen a tamagotchi being better treated then a real life fish XD

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