Seriously, my poor gagreflex

Please Halo, just go away.

Again, Halo is dominating the gaming headlines on various gaming sites. I am honestly so sick of having halo shoved down my throat.

Yes, its a mediocre competent shooter. There are a lot of those out there, even better! For a month now, it’s been Halo on GameStop, Halo in my game informer, Halo on various sites. Have you ever head of the expression “enough is enough”? That is how I feel about Halo right now. About a year ago I made an editorial about halo 3 being over marketed. Now they are doing the exact same thing with Halo ODST!
If you are a Halo fan, you will pick it up and play it, no matter how little it is marketed. People like me however, who have other things to do then to get cursed out by 12 year old little boys, I don’t want to hear about it. “Oh so Halo ODST is getting released? REALLY? Well, good for the fan base I guess..”

It’s not that simple now is it? No you have to put Masterchiefs ugly mug on my soda, in my magazines, in my marketplace etc. Bungie jerks keep crapping out so much Halo, they obviously have enough people convinced about their semi competent shooter to be the best thing created between heaven and hell.

I am honestly just waiting for them to have Masterchiefs head printed on toiletpaper, then at least I’ll have the satisfaction of whiping my ass with his face.
Well guess what? I am to that point that if I ever meet the people at Bungie to let them know what thanks to them, the word Halo gives me severe gagreflexes.

So I am ending it there, and going to put up something A LOT more interesting!

Here is a funny picture, now this is what I call news!!

Original image can be found here.

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