Win a Beta Key for Star Trek Online!

Beam me up Beta Key!

As an avid (almost to the point of religious) Star Trek fan, it is my pleasure to bring you the news about winning a beta key for the highly anticipated MMO tar Trek Online™.

Starting today, September 24th, you’ll have the opportunity to win one exclusive Beta Key for this final frontier.

I this game you can work towards becoming a Captain of a Federation Star ship, or why not become a Klingon Warlord.

Today, is a great day to die! – Kahless

Just like the revolutionary series, you will seek out new life and new civilizations! Cryptic Studios wants you to feel like you are in a Star Trek episode where you will Experience the 25th century shifts in alliances and new discoveries. Cryptic assures us that it will be the star trek we remember and love.
I hope so!


For one Week only, the Star Trek™ Beta Tester Key competition is now running on the dedicated MMO area of the site. Get in your entry now for this exclusive Star Trek™ Beta Tester Key now and begin to play this epic MMO before the rush!. To enter, register with and head straight to the competition at:
for your chance to be the lucky winner

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