It’s a Mad world when Sega does stuff!

The good part about this game is so far you haven’t heard of any crazy launch event mishaps.
That is why this is entirely uninteresting to cover and I will focus writing about MADWORLD, which will be published by SEGA.

Why am I talking about SEGA released games when the biggest Zombie massacre feast is overloading peoples consoles?
Because Sega has gone insane that’s why. While Resident Evil 5 is scaring the living poop out of your average gamer, I am more scared of SEGA simply for the fact that Madworld and games equal to its “goryness” is being released for the Wii! Yes, Wii will have slice and dice and insane mayhem fest of blood and guts.
So while the average gamer is playing the predictable gore game of the year in his/hers predictable living room/bedroom/friends house, I huddle up in fear that a console that has been classified as a “young” audience console, releases something that spews more blood then a paper cut!!
SEGAS attempt to reach a new audience since the old one is turning their backs on them. Someone at SEGA thought it would be a FANTASTIC idea to release a couple of games with splattering blood and guts effect for a system who’s audience is not even potty trained properly.

This can go both ways:

1) Sega’s attempt to grab a new audience will work, and hereby creates a new era of brotherhood where everyone is holding severed body parts while dancing around a sacrificed bunnywabbit. IT will boost Wii into a position beyond the pre diaper attitude in the gaming world. Also it will show that Sega is more then a past glory of it former self.

2) A lot of 9 year olds are in therapy for the rest of their lives because their Mums thought that everything released for the Wii was childproof. Little Junior is now humping fish guts while mom is now an abusive alcoholic and daddy has entirely lost faith in God.

I have to applaud Madworld non the less.
It is one of the most “creatively designed” games I’ve seen in a long time. While everyone is occupied with the incredible 3D graphics in games that descended from the sky and given to man, Madworld kept it simple. Black and white with written sound effects. It does make an interesting impact on the game play and also it is fairly easy to control. Game play and control wise I would say that it is very interesting and is worth a peek into.

It is interesting how the gaming market has changed. Think about it. Sega has been around since 1940 (with name changes) and now its battling for it’s place in the future gaming history. How vicious has the gaming scene has become…. At least they have supermonkey ball that sold amazingly well to the DS, they’ll be ok…

Either way, Madworld.
Yes I have played Madworld and it gives you what it promises, crazy insane gore. Senseless glorious violence…..I always wanted a chainsaw………

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