Mabion reviews Lead and Gold

Is there a trend starting? The boys are coming back and not just any boys… but cowboys.

I guess most people knows about Red Dead Redemption (RDR) by now, but even though this game was released before RDR it is not as known.

But let’s pull out the old cowboy hat, the boots and some old spaghetti western staring Lee Van Cleef and a young Clint Eastwood. (The good, the bad and the ugly soundtrack playing in the background)

At first I thought it to be a normal third person shooter game, but found out pretty quickly that it didn’t have a story line game mode, just a team-based third-person shooter multi-player game mode.

Personally I believe that a game should be able to offer a single player mode. This game is made for online play and online play only. This means that the very unreliable service that PlayStation network offers have to perform better then it has in the past. To my experience, being dropped out of online gaming sessions is something that my PS3 is very familiar with. The logic escapes me to create an all online based game when PlayStation has a very unreliable online service.
That being said. On to the good part!

The game has 3 settings, quick fight, multi-player and practice.Let’s practice and see what it is all about.

You got four choices of characters to play, the gunslinger, the trapper, the deputy and the blaster. Being the gunslinger that I am (pew pew) I naturally choose the said type. They all have their own unique weapons, abilities and “synergies” to boost them.
Now, it could only be my controller even though it doesn’t do it on other games but the guy started walking by himself, very annoying, Maybe it is just a personal preference. Some people don’t mind the random motion but me, no. I like to be able to fully control my guy’s motion and actions.The game panned out to be a sort of capture the flag session, but instead of a flag you got to pick up gold sacks and carry them to your start point and then back for more. Fairly easy game. You can tell that the programmers didn’t have to put much thought into it since the concept is taken from so many other games, just another setting and instead of a flag some gold.

The graphics are good, not eye popping but it passes my standards of decent graphics. How come PlayStation only give you 780p when I know it can perform in 1080p, I first asked myself that question when I saw that Batman Archam Asylum came in 780p for PlayStation and 1080p for Xbox. Get it together Sony, I know you can do better! The surroundings look authentic, as good as I know, not growing up at that time period but watching a lot of westerns. (yea-haw)
Is it fun? I would say it is but I don’t play this kind of games on a console so it is just a fair guess, when it comes down to fps I need a keyboard and mouse to be an ace killer.

I know many people is just interested to just going online and quickly join up to an established gaming lobby and shoot off a few rounds, pawn some opponents and call it a day without bothering going through a while storyline to get access to decent gear. If that is you, then this game is more tailored to your needs. Me however, I enjoy a good story. Where cowboy stops robbers, smacks a few barstools over some peoples heads, befriends an Indian, gets chased by the saloon girl and ending with him being in love with the Indian as they ride into the sunset.

At the end, it is what it is, Led and gold.

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