Legio review


Paradox interactive brings us the Turn based strategy chess game called Legio. No, it’s not a typo. I am sure you are thinking that it’s called Legion. Yes and no. Legio is Legion in Latin. Drop the N and things will be more fancy.

Now that we have the name sorted out, let me start with putting down my computer specs.
Since this is a PC game I think it is important to display what type of machine I am running it on. It could explain certain issues as they occur.

Manufacturer: Gateway
Model: p-6860FX
Processor: Intel(R) Core (TM)2 Duo CPU T5550 1.83 GHzX2

Ram: 4 GB
System type: 64-bit

OP: Windows vista Home premium
Graphic Card: GeForce 8800M GTS

My Sound card isn’t even worth to mention, it is that bad.

Great, Now that we got that over with, let’s start with the install procedure.
First issue I encountered was after installing the game the first time. Even tough the install part went flawlessly, as soon as I tried launching the game, it immediately gave me an error message. That the game refused to start. I figured it happens, so I reinstalled it and it worked without any further issues.

During the short intro screen, my computer started lagging somewhat fierce. The first thing I did when I got into the menu was change my resolution to low. That removed the lagging graphic issue.

You might be asking why I am not playing these types of games on a better machine. First off, I don’t have a stationary, not as of yet anyway. Secondly, I figured that people usually do not upgrade their machines that often and that most likely their machines are either like mine or worse. Not everyone have the latest and greatest hardware out there. This way I can give a fair review that can include most machines out there.

Either way, once the resolution was switched to low, everything started running smoothly.
You have 10 different level music to switch between which I find original. Original in a matter since I haven’t seen a function like that personally.

The menu offers:

Single player: My main focus, a game needs to be able to stand alone.
Online: Oh lord.
Two player split: This, I approve.

I select single player of course and get thrown into an army factory. I didn’t know what to make of this because I really did want a tutorial and explanation, what goes where, what does what etc. Choosing blindly I figured I’ll start by picking a heavy infantry type attack.

Having 25 points to spend, I bought 2X Warriors 1X Captain 1X Archer and 1X Kermit looking frog creature. That was all I could afford and so I continued onward! After selecting a board (again without being explained to what the different boards contain) I was ready for some fierce combat! I selected the board called “Run for Cover”, because I may talk big but I am actually a very lovable coward.

So the battle itself starts. I am team red fighting the forces of evil (blue). There it hit me. This looks like chess. I like chess. Yes, call me a nerd! I like chess!

I start with moving my little guys around the board, having a blast with their animations and sounds that they make. Warriors make a soldier like HOHAA while slapping their shields. I was surprised to the amount of detail that came into this type of game. The blue team is now starting their attacks. Their archers home in on me and snicker like a pervert on a miniskirt convention. The blue team magician starts damaging several of my minions! Then I realized that my opponent is entirely long range based, by the time I get to him, my forces will be dead. My only chance rests with the little snickering Archer that I have. When I use him for an attack, I get a target to hit enemy vitals. This made the battle more interesting and interactive.

While I was taking notes I heard my men Yawning, this caught me by surprise and make me laugh. My joy vanished quickly as the blue bastards killed my Kermit looking frog monster.
My minions tried holding their spirits high as they were killed of one by one. First few deaths got my army to sing tauntingly “nanananana na”, Like a little child. Then, when only 1 soldier let, the red leader started to cry.

So the inevitable happened, I died. While the blue team celebrated with a heartfelt YAY, I already had predicted this ending. So, Round two!

I select a heavy long ranged team! Magicians, a troll and archers!
So here we are, round two! DING DING DING!

I look at my opponents army and again realize that I am royally F@CKED!
My team super army long range battle trolls are nothing towards an army to big to kill of by the time they get to me! The dude had more guys then me! What the hell?! I tried holding my grounds and tried to kill them off but they got to me to quick. Eventually they surrounded my troll, killed him off, then one archer after the other fell.

Then I get a giant set of breast laughing at me.

This is actually very predicable as a game. Any person who has some knowledge of chess will understand that fact. twice I was just able to look at my opponent and realize that i am royally screwed. A Good chess player can usually predict demise within 6-10 moves.

Even though I really wished they explained the game through a in game tutorial. I actually had fun with this. I can see how this can be a lot of fun playing with another player. The entire Turn based strategy game has “:in your face” written all over it. Where two players can taunt each other and have fun.

So here is the big question, would I spend money on it?
I am not a turn based strategy game person, but you know what? If it’s affordable and comes off as a great deal.I probably would, just to spend a good evening beating the poop out of my fiance.

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