Mabion Reviews: Sam & Max – Beyond Time and Space

“This week , we are having a Guest review Sam & Max.
Mabion has a history in gaming ever since early childhood and as an avid comic geek. Enjoy” – Anjo Banjo

Ever wondered how it would feel to be insane and just make random comments about nothing in particular, being randomly violent and furry?

That’s how it feels to be a part of Sam and Max, released in comic book form by Steve Purcell in 1987 the characters whimsically nature to anything sane has joyed people all over the planet.

When their first game came out in 1993 by Lucas art you could actually steer these fellas around the crazy world they call home.
It resembled Monkey Island and manic Manson solely because Purcell was hired by Lucas art and got a chance to try out his characters in a game environment. But who wants to know about facts, on with the review you say, and I say I’m hungry.
Wait I’ll be right back.

Where was I? Oh yes, Sam and Max. The game is not far from the original game, it’s still a point and click game but in a 3d environment. The difference is the mouse now tells you if it is clickable item or not by explaining what the object is you are holding it over.
you still have an inventory that hold various tings you pick up and the it’s up to your logic to fit them together with whatever you find in the game, now there is the hard part, if your logic doesn’t match a crazy rabbity thingy and a fully dressed dog in a fedora then you won’t get far, a little crazy will help.

Yes it’s a thinking game and if you think like some fps people then you won’t get far.

The characters are still funny to watch and their dialog is still interesting in an entertaining way.
Even though it can be hard at times it’s not impossible to beat the game, just give it some thinking time and you will go, AAAAH! And then chuckle a little when you find out the solution to the whole thing.

The machine to the far left had a genuine Swedish accent! Sweet!

Even though it has been a long time since I saw the duo it was a welcome sight to see them again. The game takes you to the North Pole where you meet Santa, to Easter Island and talks to ancient moai, to the Bermuda triangle and to hell itself meeting many of the people and other creatures they encountered before in their other adventures.

The game takes me back to when I first read the comic book and I still remember how funny I thought them to be all the way back then. I still remember when I played another Lucas art game, dark forces and when I went to The Mission to Anteevy and a cave right outside the town and by tracing the cave walls I got max head in Silhouette. And also in the follow up Max was actually seen and could be fought in Jedi knight, dark forces II.

It is a great game if you like humor point and click games and I would recommend it to not only Sam and Max fans and point and click games but also to everyone who love crazy humor and have a quirky sense of thinking.

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