Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures Review

I have to admit, I’ve never been a big fan of Wallace and Gromit.

Not a fan as in, I’ve maybe caught the show a few times but nothing that I got hooked on watching.
What I do know about it, that it’s about a man and his loyal “very smart” dog. His master is a bit of a questionable in his intellect and relies very much on his dog.
They live in a British town where they do British things. Like Tea and Crumpets.

Xbox has however released a series of adventure games developed by Telltale games staring these two lovable characters created by Nick Park.

It is a simplistic adventure game based on the point and click function. Same function basically like Sam & Max and Axel & Pixel.
Have you noticed the trend yet? Two main characters, in pointy and clickedy based adventure games.

Don’t get me wrong, when GTR supplied me the game and I started playing it, it is surprisingly relaxing. There isn’t much to do in games such as these.
You just try various combinations with items you find to prompt an action/event in the story telling.

I would compare this to an interactive movie.

The graphics are pleasing and you appreciate the effort they put into the detailing of it. It is identical to the Tv version clay type style. A perfect mimic and mirror to the styles and patterns used by the original series.

When it comes to Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures, you are able to play through four “episodes”.
I refer to them as episodes since it is like watching an episode on TV, except that you have to pointy clicky to continue the show,
This is where the story is more important then the functionality itself.

Why I really enjoyed Sam & Max was because of the captivating storytelling and crazy characters within the tale. Maybe it’s my morbid humor that made me enjoy Sam & Max more then I did Wallace and Gromit. I feel that Wallace and Gromit was more tailored to a younger audience. Granted I am an adult and at times it’s hard for me to get into “younger” games. I do however watch a lot of cartoons, because let’s face it, news today are to damn depressing. Don’t get me wrong thou, there were times during the episode of Wallace and Gromit (The last Resort) that made me chuckle up a storm. It’s funny how a dog can be smarter then his master. They are manipulating us!

Anywho, the camera as always, get’s stuck sometimes and it tends to lag a bit. It might be cause my Xbox is the verge of a breakdown again, but I’d figure I mention this supposed flaw.
The game does entertain with some colorful characters. I am a big fan of the General, his paranoia can only be compared with a conspiracy theory geek. I’ve always had a soft spot for eccentric characters.
They make me feel better about myself since I feel less crazy then them.
I know, I know, it’s pretty sad where I compare my own psychosis with in game characters, I just can’t afford a visit to a therapist.

There isn’t really much to say about this particular game. Would I acquire it if It wasn’t sent to me? Probably not, simply since you have to enjoy the TV show to enjoy this game. It is what it is, four episodes that you can interact with by point n’ click. This would be a great game for a younger audience. Yes I admit it. I am to fricken old.
I see myself returning more to Sam & Max since it’s more my cup of tea.

Informative Wiki:

Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures is an episodic series of adventure games by Telltale Games based around the characters of Wallace and Gromit created by Nick Park and Aardman Animations. The first episode was released on March 24th 2009 for the PC. The Xbox Live Arcade version of the game was released on May 27, 2009 starting with Episode 1: Fright of the Bumblebees.
Episodes are developed by Telltale Games in collaboration with Aardman Animations to develop the story, characters, and setting. Players control both Wallace and Gromit at times through the gameplay. Ben Whitehead, Aardman’s official backup voice actor, portrays Wallace, instead of Peter Sallis, who has voiced the character in all screen appearances. A playable demo of the first episode was made available on March 16th 2009 and can be downloaded from the official site as well as Yahoo Games. It is also included on the Region 2 DVD and Blu-Ray releases of A Matter of Loaf and Death as DVD-ROM content

Episode Release date

(Xbox Live Arcade)
1 “Fright of the Bumblebees” May 27, 2009
2 “The Last Resort” November 4, 2009
3 “Muzzled!” November 4, 2009
4 “The Bogey Man” November 4, 2009

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