Uncharted 2 Among Thieves review

I’ve heard so many great things about this game. So to balance things out, I went into this game with skepticism.

I don’t know what the universe has against me, but usually when I hear good things about a game, I prepare myself for a grave disappointment.

There is an unwritten commandment that tells humanity to hype a game and watch an angry mob emerge from the ashes of burning Game cases.
Well, there are exceptions, Uncharted 2 is one of them.

I recently acquired a Review copy for the Playstation 3. The first thing that strikes me is the Incredibly good voice acting. It goes along well with amazingly well animated facial features.

He is a bit of a ladys man. Just look at his gaze and facial expression.

This Adventure/Puzzle/Shooter/Lara Croft with a penis kind of game starts you off in deep doodoo. the poor Son of a (somebody) is walking/wobbling around wounded, trying to pass various obstacles. Such as burning trains, hanging trains, and exploding trains. This part is your controller/action/battle tutorial.
You learn how to climb, shoot and wobble bleeding into the distance. Have you ever seen the movie Wanted? There was a scene and a father who was someones son and this entire Train thing hanging from a cliff, well you get my drift. It’s starts of like that.

His partner in crime/love/sex/whatever kind of relationship they have

I’ve heard people say that this game reminds you of a movie. Actually a few hours into the game, I couldn’t tell the difference between a movie and a game, this is a movie. The variation in speech, animations and the script of it all just completes it into a great full on entertainment. The only difference here is that you control the main character.

It is so in dept with great graphics and other elements that enhance the experience that My co-writer Mabionexperienced palm sweat. This usually happens to him when he experiences heights (he is scared of them, the widdle baybay!). So when he sees the hero hanging from a cliff, he freaks a bit.

The hero, like i mentioned earlier, is struck with events that one can claim serious bad luck. Tired and beaten down he starts to drift and you will experience a cut scene that explains why your hero is on a mountain top wounded. In that cut scene you will realize that the main character is a treasure hunter. You are joined with another treasure hunter with a British accent and a token female who seems to be looking after her own interest. As the story progresses in the game, you can predict that someone will betray you, you have an idea who it is going to be. At some sense the story isn’t very surprising but it is entertaining enough to keep you playing through the story.

He blends in so well that you can’t tell where he starts and the wall ends.

I also appreciate that the controls are easy enough. the character does what you have him doing most of the time but there are of course, some annoying instances where he goes against anything you want him to do. There is a variety in his motions and animations like i mentioned before. I wouldn’t call this game challenging, it is easy and makes sense on how things are to be done. The only thing that catches me off guard when it comes to the flow of the game are the enemies. they are in full body armor shooting you till kingdom come, yet you don’t die. The screen gets a bit grayish and if you avoid being fired upon directly, you can take as many bullets as you like and still stand, without a body armor. It gives you a bit of the invincibility factor, that your character cannot be harmed. One particular enemy attacks you with a riot shield that makes more damage then any gun, which I find a tad unrealistic. There are no health bar to indicate how your character is doing, you are at the mercy of watching your screen turn grey. This is bad news indeed for you who are colorblind, there are other ways to tell you are being damages but to me that is the easiest way to understand how bad things are.

Also what caught be off guard is the amazing variation in the dialog, the character helps you by idle conversation, hinting out what is to be done next. The hint feature doesn’t always work and at times glitches can get the best of you. But overall this is a great game. The personalities of the characters are so well developed, you feel like you are watching an actual movie. Even with some minor flaws and annoying situations, you are pulled into the adventure and just feel a kinship with you character.

He has a sense of humor, he is witty and an all around hero.

It is a mixture pf stealth, FPS, Adventure and Puzzle. I really enjoyed myself and I think that those who don’t appreciate this game, are either dead or without personality.

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