Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess! Impression

Holy hell! A vampire hero in todays popculture that doesn’t sparkle!

Today I went browsing to see what interesting things that I have overlooked.

I found this game called Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess!
The title caught me. I mean, come on, it is pretty catchy!

In games there is mostly a princess and she mostly gets kidnapped. This time we aren’t sure who the heck took her. We usually blame the bad guys, but as the title suggest, did they?
Did the badguys take the princess? Maybe she left because she thought this title would be filled with sparkling vampires!

Either way.

What I have read about this game is that the hero, called Duke, is a self loving handsome vampire who no one can resist (in his mind anyway).
The princess vanishes under suspicious circumstances from her bedroom aka the dungeon.
With no evidence of who or what took her, we just to the conclusion that it was probably some “monster”.

This is a platform game that mostly consist of jumping and climbing (metroid style). Each level has a monster to beat. The graphic is simple and by some called aaaaahhhdorable. The story is filled with humor. I like that in casual short games, just a funny story to keep me entertained in the minutes that I have absolutely nothing to do.

This game weaknesses seems to be based on the lack of variation. Then again, most casual games are. Another thing that has been put as a negative is the length of the game, or lack there of. It is very short and if you aren’t aiming for a good score, you can play through it really quickly. Then again, for a “casual game” it is quite normal.

I will definitely check this out next time I am purchasing a game. Non sparkling vampires with humor is a weakness of mine.

To read more about this title for the PSP visit THIS link

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