Nintendo knows what I want

Isn’t it interesting how Nintendo supports stereotypes.

I found this picture on the intrawebs displaying exactly what I, as a woman, would like to play.

In my dearest dreams, I’ve always wanted to be a baby sitter and have Babyz!

Ok, sorry, I needed to run into my bathroom to vomit. I love BABIES, don’t get me wrong. One day I hope to become a great mom. But till then I am not going to “play” that I am a mother. Nor am I going to play that I am a baby sitter without getting payed!

All we need now for this wondrous display is:

1) Divorced

2) Teenager and pregnant

3) Drunk and disorderly husband

4) Finish your high school diploma before the age of 50

5) Home schooled and loving it!

6) Dad ran over my dog (the sad story)

Conclusion: If you aren’t a babysitting pregnant teenager that works part time as a makeup artist and dreams of becoming a stylist, interior designer and fashion designer, you will have so many problems in high school!

Did I forget something?

If I did let me know.

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