Immune to everything

What’s up with the immunity to get scolded at, or being told what to do?

Maybe its just be getting older, but I feel like people today want to live and be treated as adults and at the same time want to be irresponsible like children. They want to do all the fun stuff off adulthood without taking responsibility like children.

I’ve seen this a lot of late, with people around me. Especially those who are reaching their teenage years.

I understand many teenagers act out, maybe I am an oddball that really didn’t feel like going against my mom.

Like for instance” You cannot tell me what to do! I am an adult!”

“oh yea? Here you go, there is the electric bill and btw the police want to talk to you about the girl you beat up or the magazine you snatched”

“I am your responsibility mom! You deal with me (oh yea and protect me from paying stuff and make sure I dont go to jail because I am an adult)”

What people do not seem to understand that being an adult isnt an age. I know 13 year old that act more adult then most 20 year olds I know. Being an adult is basically graduating the human academy by following societies rules. The rules are simple:

1)You intend to make a mess, clean it up!(this goes with life in general)

2)You take responsibility for your actions without excuses

3)You work on bettering yourself, your situation and your environment

I know some people are aware of their actions and yet refuse to take responsibility for it. “I know my mom is pulling her hair out because of my action but I have do to this because I am an adult, I need to be crazy and free.”

My god, an adult is far from free. You have responsibilities too, the difference is that you cannot push them onto someone else. You actually have to deal with them or you will be in big trouble. I have had so many issues of late that I cannot even count, however, I never use it as an excuse for treating someone poorly, for acting out.

I am Married and my marriage wouldn’t last a week if I acted out every little thing/or big thing that bothered me on my husband all the time. No one wants to deal with someone who has to much problems. It gets old and people get bored, why? Because they can try to help that person and the person will continue their irresponsible patterns.

Because it works. You give in to that person what they want, and that is attention, reassurance, someone to solve their problems.

When you are an adult, the only one that can solve your problems is you. So before you claim you want to be an adult, know that it is not an age or the amount of rights, it is being able to deal with your issues and being responsible for your actions.

Maybe I am getting old, because I would never have gotten away with some things that todays kids are doing. Where the heck are their parents?



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