Plenty done this week!

This week has been insane to say the least!

I’ve started doing several new assignments and it has been a  trial.

However I finished a few other jobs I had on the site that I thought I’d talk about today.

First one is for Digital Burn (an upcoming DJ in Chicago)

It is a simple Goth/Steam punk concept that I thought would portray the owner of this image the best. I threw in a variety of different aspects that can be found in the music of the alternative scene. Goth, punk, synth etc. All is in there. This image was first entirely made in vector. Then I imported it into Photoshop for added effect.

I used a militant font because I think it goes best with this type of style. Esp since the font interacts with boots that are a bit militant in nature.

I gave her Neon green eyes for the radiation of the industry type style. Red lips for the classy style alternative. I didn’t give her a bunch of piercings because I do think it would distract from the clean style of her clothes. I think it is important as well to remember when to stop and not overdo on the details, sometimes the simple things can be just as awesome if not better.


Next image up is a portrait of a little girl that won a contest that a client was having!

This little girl (15 I think) is actually polish which I thought was great. Being a polack myself it is nice to see other polish people interacting with something you are a part of. Considering that I am here in America, I try to surround myself with polish and swedish things, just to make home seem a bit closer then it is.

Anyways, here is the portrait!

I went a bit classic artsy with this one. I didn’t clean up the background, nor did I remove the pencil lines. I think it helped the image to keep its “artistic” charm.


Anyways, this is all I had on my mind for the moment.

Work work and work:)


Till next time!

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