Oil paintings and Alice

Friday evening I started on a new project.

2011-03-13_1621.png (533×705)

My own interpretation of Alice in Wonderland, oil style. It takes a lot of thinking and decition making to which sketch or drawing I would turn into a painting. Because let’s face it. Oil colors=expensive. There is so much that goes into oil that some people don’t realize.

Time for instance. When I paint, I paint in sections I also start off with acrylic on those parts that I need to bounce colors off from.

For instance, the sky was initially made in acrylic, simply because I needed it to dry fast and I needed the colors to bounce of everything else I will paint.

For example:

2011-03-13_1623.png (381×497)

Here you can see that the sky and the moon is pretty much done. Becuse now I know the source of light. I can add everything else and knowing where the light will reflect.  Once the house and the bushes are a bit dryer, I can start with the door and the remainder of the house.

Once the remainder of the house is done and the greenery in the background. I can start with the road to the door and the chairs.

2011-03-13_1628.png (469×673)

Which is where I am right now. I can now add a bit more details into the background. That is something people do not consider I think. Is that even thou a part “seems” done, it is usually not. There are always places in the painting that need to be revisited with ye royal brush to be evened out or repainted. For now I am technically still doing the easier parts. Which are things that are not overly small. As you can see on the table, that will be my biggest challenge, all those small little things that will be painted. Oy vei.

There are also many things I need to fix and add in to. Like the roses, the windows, not entirely happy with those.

So anyways, All of this basically took up most of my weekend and will probably continue on to a few more weekends after this.

Many usually go past a painting and do not understand the work that goes into something that is highly detailed.

The hours, the frustration, the costs of material. Is it worth it at the end? If it ends up looking good, it is worth every investment of my time.


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