My my, It’s the fourth of July!

Being in America has certain advantages, you do get the occasional holiday off (At least I think I am off since no one else seems to be around). I’ve taken this oppertunity to learn something really American! Baseball!  Both me and my husband each got a glove and a ball.  Of course after a few pitches, my hand was terribly sore! I am talking seriously “partly blue did I break it?” Type of pain. We went indoors to introduce my hand to mr Icepack. After an hour of chilling I decided that it would be a great idea to go out and pitch a few balls again. Let me tell you that my husband has an uncanny talent on hitting right in that spot where it hurts the most! There was no giving up though! We went at it will my husband decided that his arm couldn’t take any more and we went in to continue with our Lord of the rings marathon.  Today I am exited about going out and continue with my blue hand pitching career. After reading up about the handhurt you get, turns out it is a necessary step in the process. That eventually your hand will get used to the force of the ball landing in your glove. I am really looking forward to that! Till then I need to learn how to pitch properly. I do the side looking and spitting followed by the leglift just fine. It is the toss itself that gets a bit “off”. It did give my husband plenty of exerciser to jog around and fetch the ball 🙂

Also, as soon as we have nightfall I will go out and raise some hell with these puppies! I am sadly not one of those people who can afford to spend $100 to burn up a bunch of fireworks. Even though I love blowing things up. This is as close as I’ll get for now. It will be a battle of will, a war zone if you may. Two people enter, one will be a bit more annoyed then the other. I think that the world is how you make of it, as is your perception of things. Me, I can pretend these are some crazy badboy bombs that I will use to blow up sand with (or toy soldiers). If you haven’t noticed this about me, I love to pretend.

I will have a soda today and play safe war with POP-ITS. Later on go to the park and watch the real fireworks show!

I wish everyone a fantastic fourth of July.


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