Oh boy Ubisoft

The way our economy is going, everyone has to save some money somewhere. Even big time publishers.

SUWRR.jpg (550×325)

I am sure you are familiar with iStock photos by now. It is a website where various artist sell the rights to people to use their work. Artistry is my main bread and butter. It has happened several times where I’ve caught people using pictures that I drew without asking or even paying for the rights to use them. I guess people like myself do not deserve to eat. I could afford to loose a few pounds.

Ubisoft, you are a piece of Ewok vomit. You have money to buy a fricken iStock photo! I seriously hope that you did not spend your money buying crack and sniffing it off the Frag girls butt cheeks.

You know what? Contact me, I’ll pay the fricken $10 for your right to use that photo. If you cannot afford this, then how are you paying your other employees? With Monopoly money?

Get real, buy the right to use the photo and stop stealing from people who only want to eat and pay rent. Even if it is a Mock-up and a probability that it was never released, it is still used all over the net by various vendors.



Imagine Babies? Are you fricken serious? Are you not aware off that we have a teen pregnancy issue in this country?

You are now dubbed the Bristol Palin of the gaming world.

Edit: This is old news, but my input and opinion is still valid.

8 comments on “Oh boy Ubisoft

  1. I’ve yet to see this cover anywhere, other than on sites that proclaim THIS GAME IS FOR ONLY $1.5!!!

    this is the official cover for the game [http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51W2Un7aIuL.jpg]; get your facts straight before going /rant rant rant

  2. I expected Doop to rant more that it’s from the FP of Reddit. Despite the fact that in itself is an old repost. Entertaining read though!

    • Which is all this is. When I researched this image, I saw many sites that had already written their opinions about it, all I did was that I did the same. My thoughts in the matter.

  3. Whether that was a final released product or not… To even put that photo out for advertisement without paying for the photo rights was wrong. Go ahead and make yourself a mock cover of the game with photos ubisoft owns and see what they have to say…

    I dont know why this guy is so set on defending someone who was clearly in the wrong. Let me guess, you just support anyone who has more money then you? Nobody is saying ubisoft is a bad developer… We are saying they have the money to pay for rights to one measly little photo… Which they should have done before using it in any form.

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