How to train your cat

Today is going to be a bit of an oddity. I am actually going to write about how I’ve trained my cat. I have two of them. One of them is a domestic short haired one called LOL, she is very skiddish but gives us love anyways. Because of her shy attitude, she was the hardest one to train. I haven’t spent as much time training her as I did her male counterpart. She has learned the simple command of sit. So I know that she is, even with her shy attitude, able to learn.

She has always been this way. They are the complete opposite of each other. I guess people are right when they say that there is a Yin for every Yang. Even though people refer to her as the “invisible cat”, she is incredibly loving, she just needs everything to be on her terms. The funny part is that when you pick her up and hold her, she spins like a motorboat and relaxes her entire body. It is like wearing a scarf.

Any who, onward to the next kitty!

We  have mr Cheezeburghur. He will basically do anything for a bit of treat and I do mean anything. He is a very laid back trouble maker that at times lack the ability to focus. He is without a doubt the most “insane” cat I’e ever met. He is extremely social and very eager to please. There hasn’t been a day in which he does something that catches you by surprise. He is what I call “an ideal cat to train”.

Let me tell you a little story. I started training cats because I got sick of dog owners telling me “Cats are no FUN! You cannot train them and they are self serving”.

The only thing self serving about a cat is their poop habit and it’s a trait that I welcome. Let’s say you got a dog and you do not train it or do anything really with it. Simply just let it do it’s doggy thing. What you get is a brat! A companion that does not listen to you. Well there you go, that is exactly what people do with kittens. People do not want more from a cat and do not think that they can give them anything in terms of learning.

They are wrong.

2 years ago I acquired these cats, who were then kittens.

I started with something simple, teaching them both to sit using cat candy and a clicker. After about 30 minutes of trying, they got the idea. They both sat down!

Sit is the easiest and most basic trick you can teach most animals that know how to breath. IT is a good starting point and definitely one that should be taught first.

Press this link to see Cheezys third training session.

Just like with puppies, if you start early you can teach it your rules and your habits. All you have to do is teach them every day till they get it.  Many cats do as they please because the owners wanted them that way.

Again, what I am trying to prove here is that cats can be trained!

Yesterday I decided that Cheezy, being such a charmer, that he should learn how to shake paw.

This is 15 minutes in.

And no, the cat is actually loving the time and attention you give it. Also the cat treats. The cat is so happy to do these things because he/she gets to spend time with you. This is a bonding experience is definitely something I recommend for people to do. Not because you get a trick performing cat, but because it is fun! Yes I said it! Fun!

It is having fun on a whole new level.

So next time you give me that “dogs are better because you can train them” bs, then I refer you to read through my accomplishment and counter with that my cat is probably more well manured then your dog. Since dogs are more easy to train, what kind of owner does that make you?

These kitties were adopted from Kitty Nap Rescues and Adoptions! If you are looking for a cat to complete your family, give them a visit! They have wonderful cats that need a home.


    1. Hehe, well for my they are, but it depends on what you want in a cat 😀 Me, I like the bonding experience ^_^

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