Satoru Iwata visiting your 3Ds!

Well happy birthday 3DS, it was exactly  year ago since we saw you being released.

As a special treat to all 3Ds owners, a special Mii will visit your 3Ds!

Have you guessed it yet? It is non other then Iwata. His Mii is also level 5, so if you are stuck in street quest like I was, his visit was more then appreciated!

Yesterday I discovered Augmented reality. While traveling to my sister-in-law I got the opportunity to spend some time with my 3Ds.

Augmented reality is simply a pile of cards, that you place on a surface and then you can play some games or take really nifty pictures. Your DS camera scans the card and brings forth the character/or game. Pretty cool right?

Me and my husband got creative while at Subway! Here is the result och out little adventure!

Oh hi Kirby, fancy meeting you here at Subway where there are no 5 dollar foot long!!
Did I do good daddy?!
Coffee gives you wiiiiiings!

Till next time my darlings!


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