The hunger

As winter continues to show its distance here in south Sweden, I have had the pleasure of picking up a long lost hobby.

Playing games and writing about them.

Yes I used to do that a while back and I used to enoy it as well.

I have decided that after a long hiatus, it is time for me to do what I love to do. Play games.

The last few months I’ve been stuck playing indie games such as The Cat Lady and Gone home. I have also been enchanted by the continuous magic of Final Fantasy; Curtain calls, the second installation of Final Fantasy Theatrhythm.

My first piece will be coming next weekend and will cover Gone home. A mystery game set in the 90’s. – You are an American youngster that ran of to jollyride around Europe. You come back home and discover that you are missing a family. You go through the relics of the 90’s to discover bits and pieces of what happens to your DNA sharing humans.


-Stay tuned

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