You remind me of the babe

Today started like any other day.

A cat butt in the face and a major inspiration to do something with my face.

I love make-up. I indulge in the transformation that creates a different face than the one you’re born with. Hey, it’s art!

When I am not experimenting with my husband’s feminine side, I love to create an illusion with my round mug.

Husband in drag. His face is so make-up friendly!

This is me on a regular weekday:

Look at that happy smile! It’s blinding!

I am a big fan of the labyrinth. What human from the 80’s didn’t fall head over heals when watching jareth-the goblin King? I am sure there are some that didn’t but that’s beside the point!

Here is my ode to David Bowie’s character jareth from the labyrinth.

Dance magic dance!

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