Very realistic plan actually

I don’t know how many saw this speech. I have to honestly say that it moved me. Living here in America for so long as I have, it gives me a unique perspective on what the American people are missing out on. Just simple security that every civilized nation is entitled to. Being healthy, having somewhat of a security.

Some Americans are very skeptical on what the President can accomplish. They view this speech as a bunch of pretty words. I kind of agree and yet not. I think that if anyone can bring reform, it is this current president. I hope he will be able to make this a reality, the American people will be so much better with it. A lot of people aggressively come to public places screaming words of fear about reform.

“We don’t want America to become Russia! We love America to much!”

Being from Europe, raised with socialized medicine, I can tell you all that I do not come from Russia. I was born in Poland and raised in Sweden. You cannot claim that socialized medicine is “Russian”. I mean you cannot say that all of Europe and then some countries are Russia right?

The sooner this bill is signed, the better for it’s people. I think America has a bright future to look forward to.

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