Nightmare at the retailers

I never understood the obsession with the quote “the customer is always right”. It is supposed to be an unwritten law within retail. I’ve never experienced it to be honest with you. Every time I go to a gamer/movie retailer, I get treated like a legless horse. Pretty poorly.

I am surprised sometimes that these retailers still make money. If it wasn’t for the fact that I like to COLLECT games, I would’ve done all my game/movie shopping online. I don’t know if it’s just the New York area where people spit on the customer service code.

Here is a little list I compiled containing the standard things you experience when shopping for games :

1) You can forget on testing the game, for some reason the console is broken, or the controller out of batteries, or the TV is not connected.

In my opinion, If I was marketing games, I would’ve made sure the console was working, the controllers had batteries and the TV was on! How are you going to do business when you can’t even maintain your own store?

2) They don’t sell the things you REALLY need.

When I needed a PS One memory card, it was no where to be found at all. Which to me is stupid, If you are selling gamecube stuff, sell old PS One items! Some stores even have PS One games. Also, don’t tell me that It cannot be found anywhere on the face on the earth. That is why God created Ebay!

3) They never know where things are, just point in general direction.

For instance, I need a DS game, it came out six months ago so it is not anymore in the “NEW” releases display. They point at Nintendo DS general direction and which you the best. Sometimes, if they are having a good day, they check if they have it in stock. Also , just to f%ck with you, they tell you that the computer tells them it is in stock, they go to get it and come back with the wrong game. Even their database is displaying poor customer service.

4) Not listening to the Customers request or inquiry

I was looking for a blue ray movie. I asked the woman 3 times where they had that specific movie. She sends me to the DVD area. I came back and tell her that there are only DVD’s, snarling she sent me else where. They didn’t have the movie there, it’s just an empty spot.

I come back and she lets me know that the movie is sold out, I ask her to check her computer or in the back. She lets me know. “If it’s not on display, then they are sold out” , agitated I move to exit the store, and I see my friend ask the guy in the register about the movie, and the guy pulls out a copy from the back. I was glad about the movie, but pissed at the pissy service.

How the heck does the American market service with such poor customer service. It is like this in almost every store you enter here!

I wish it was like the good ol times. Customer is always right!

I guess if the world had less jerks, it would be a better place to live.

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