Sgt. Frank Woods Interview / Call of Duty – Black OPS

“Shoot me in the butt”, is the one thing that comes to mind when I think of James C Burns. This is a very funny man with a very outgoing personality and an all around sweetheart. He was one of the biggest smiles on the floor. He was, simply put, enjoying himself! Talking to his fans, the mini gamers (kids) and the bigger gamers (adults) and signing their pictures.

We managed to have an interview with this one of a kind gentlemen. I hope this will give you a lot of laughs as it did us.

James : Didn’t I see you earlier today? You came by the booth right?

Question : Yes you did, you signed stuff for me and it was awesome.

James : I signed “stuff” for her, uhu!

Question : And you told me to shoot you in the butt.

James : Yea! Shoot me in the can because I say funny things! Hi, I am James C Burns, I am Sgt Frank woods in Call of Duty – Black OPS so SHOOT ME! Because I say really funny things, just not when your parents are in the room. They are a bit dirty.

Question : Was this the first Call of Duty you were in?

James : First one yes.

Question : Have you played any of the earlier ones?

James : Never! I never even played a video game, let alone what it was. It was a job that popped up by accident and I almost turned it down. I called my manager and said “Yea, it’s a video game, something called Call of Booty!“. He said, “Call of Duty?! Are you crazy?! Take the job!”.

Question : Are you going to play it now? Are you going to play your own game?

James : The reason I don’t play it is because I SUCK at it. They told me to stop playing it because I was an embarrassment to the franchise. I had to stop and they were nice enough to cut all the sequences of the game together to a full length movie, it was riveting and I was “wow”.

Question : Do you have more games in line now?

James : I cannot talk about it. I am under an NDA : Non Disclosure agreement! Cannot say a thing!

Question : Ok, that means yes.

James : I cant talk about it. They will yell at me.

Question : Seriously, you have to play video games now.

James : I can’t, see I don’t have a tactile skill. It wont allow me to do the things I want to do. I just don’t have the time, the hours that is spent to develop said ability.

Question : There has been so many amazing people here, to the point where you get over from being star struck by people, maybe if Robert De Niro walked by..

James : Hey if Robert walked by, I’d be star struck too! I’d be like ” YO ROBERT! WHERE ARE YOU!! YOU OWE ME MONEY!

Thank you James C Burns for an entertaining experience! You are indeed a very funny man and we wish you all the best in your future game-acting gigs!

You really need to start playing video games.

As an extra treat!

We are giving away an image (the image that is on top of this interview) signed by Sgt. Frank Woodshimself!

All you have to do is guess what catch phrase he wrote down on said picture!

The only hint we can give you is that it’s a catch phrase from the game itself! Once you’ve figured it out, post a comment and the first one to get it right, will be the lucky winner! Only two tries per person!


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    1. ….well..this might be the shortest contest in the history of Gamertag radio… won on gtr……Thanks for ruining the contest you dork 🙂

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