Wizard World Convention Day 2 Part 2

Day two was so intense that we simply had to split the article into two pieces. It would take to long to load the images alone. Let’s continue where we left off shall we?

Gaming and comics come from the same geeky DNA strand. Where you find a pile of comics, you will also find gamers. They need to be fed just like any hungry person without a meaningful relationship (this being a joke of course).

This enthusiastic person went dressed as Sonic. I have to tell you, I have nothing but respect for people who wear these heavy costumes. It must be so warm in there! Non the less the fastest hedgehog in the world posed for a few photos, then picked up his belly and limped on thought the sea of people.

Going through the crowd, I spot a familiar helmet! Masterchief! I walk towards him with speedy stride and ask him the one thing I could ever think of asking the Master Chief. “Why wont you die?!”. As the helmet is removed and I see the face of my long time nemesis I get one single responds to my question, “Because I am to awesome to die”. Kidding aside, after the helmet has been removed we find a Halo enthusiast willing to talk about the one game I cannot stand. We talked about Bungie, about Master chief and the upcoming remake of the first one. How the 3rd installment of the series was to short and also if Halo could stand as a single player. We both agree that as a single player, it wouldn’t be able to hold it’s own. It’s the community it accumulated over the years that has made this game, hard to get rid of. So woe is me, I’ll have to live with this helmet for a while longer.

After this awkward encounter(but weirdly enjoyable), I continue to see what interesting vendors I can find. Being a very old gamer, I spot something that I haven’t seen in almost 20 years.

Secret of Mana, the original Snes release, very worn but there it was. Along with it, Zelda, Lufia, Final fantasy 3! This was a feast for my very tired and dry eyes.

So many of these are so familiar to me from my childhood. I zoned out as I often do and was brought back to the days of running from my house to a friends house. Knocking on their door and then spend the rest of my day with them, looking while her older brother finishes another game.

I know it is very cheesy to say this, but they do not make games like this anymore. Part of the interaction I think has been lost to us. It is rare today that a game would be considered great. Then again, we do release more games and at times make them easier so people won’t get to frustrated and quit.

Speaking of enthusiasm. Here is me with an companion cube. That table got quickly filled up with young unmarried ladies going “awwwww”. My advice to them, “get the cube, it wont make you do it’s laundry”.

I never thought that I would be standing next to younger woman and giving them relationship advice. The irony.

Being married there was no room for a cube in my life. I thanked the vendor for letting me pose with it. It brought me much joy. Maybe once my husband decides to go belly up on me, I will have room for a companion cube. Till that day, I’ll just enjoy being married to my best friend.

I think this article needs some costumes don’t you think? I will add some costumes for you to look at, because some were just brilliant to say the least!

A lot of talented fans put in many hours into making their costumes and as such should have some recognition.

Now that you’ve been exposed to some awesome costumes. I will conclude this article and continue with day 3 tomorrow. I hope you’ve enjoyed what we’ve released so far. There are much more awesomeness to come.

Stay tuned!

Written for http://www.gamertagradio.com

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